December 21st

Series 6: Part 2 Awards - The Results!
All month you've been voting in our Series 6: Part 2 Awards, and now the time has come to reveal the all-important results...

Best Actor
BEST ACTOR: Matt Smith
...with 69.2% of the vote!
Once again you've chosen Matt Smith as your Best Actor, with a landslide majority of the vote! We suppose it's only right that the Doctor himself should walk away with the title, though, and throughout the second half of Series 6, we saw our beloved Time Lord take on the likes of Adolf Hitler, a minotaur, and the terrifying Peg Dolls, as well as Madame Kovarian in a dramatic final showdown... Plus, a reunion with his old friend Craig also brought him face to face with the Cybermen. By the end of the series, the question on all of our lips was simply... Doctor who!?

RUNNER-UP - Arthur Darvill (22.9%)
3RD PLACE - James Corden (5.8%)
4TH PLACE - David Walliams (1.3%)
5TH PLACE - Hugh Bonneville (1%)
6TH PLACE - Daniel Mays (0.8%)

Best Actress
BEST ACTRESS: Karen Gillan
...with 49.6% of the vote!
While she missed out on first prize in our Series 6: Part 1 Awards, the Girl Who Waited must wait no more, as you've chosen her as Series 6: Part 2's Best Actress! Suffice to say, the second half of the series was an emotional rollercoaster for Amy Pond. Not only was she still coming to terms with having a daughter older than she was, after the shock revelation at the end of the spring series, she also had to deal with being turning into a Peg Doll, before becoming trapped in an alien quarantine facility. As well as that, she bid an emotional farewell to the Doctor and launched her own fragrance. Where does she find the time...?

RUNNER-UP - Alex Kingston (45.0%)
3RD PLACE - Frances Barber (4.2%)
4TH PLACE - Nina Toussaint-White (1.3%)

Best Story
BEST STORY: The Girl Who Waited
...with 29.5% of the vote!
Your votes have secured The Girl Who Waited as Series 6: Part 2's Best Story! Written by Tom MacRae, the episode is "incredibly special for Amy", who finds herself trapped in a quarantine facility for victims of an alien plague. Matt Smith has praised Karen Gillan for putting in "the peformance of her life" in the story, which also happens to be Arthur Darvill's "favourite episode so far"! Rory encountered a very different side to his wife, and, from the response, it looks like it was worth waiting for!

RUNNER-UP - The Wedding of River Song (29.1%)
3RD PLACE - Let's Kill Hitler (15.0%)
4TH PLACE - The God Complex (11.5%)
5TH PLACE - Closing Time (11.1%)
6TH PLACE - Night Terrors (3.8%)

Best Cliffhanger
BEST CLIFFHANGER: River waits for the Doctor at Lake Silencio
...with 56.6% of the vote!
Like the first half of the series, the autumn series had its fair share of cliffhangers, but you've chosen the closing moments of Closing Time as the one that left you on the furthest edges of your seat. After countless teasers, twists and red herrings, the arc of the series was finally coming to a head, as the Doctor prepared to make his final journey to the shores of Lake Silencio in Utah, where an old friend would be waiting. Tick tock goes the clock...

RUNNER-UP - The Doctor says goodbye to Amy (32.7%)
3RD PLACE - River's Diary/Enrols at the Luna University (10.6%)
4TH PLACE - "Doctor who?" (0.0%)
5TH PLACE - "Tick tock goes the clock." (0.0%)

Best Scare
BEST SCARE: Madame Kovarian and the Silence
...with 47.6% of the vote!
Series 6: Part 2 saw Doctor Who journeying into some of its darkest territories yet, but unsurprisingly it was Madame Kovarian and her alliance with the terrifying Silence that sent the biggest shiver up your spine. After being prominent figures throughout the whole of the series, their story reached a dramatic climax in the epic series finale, The Wedding of River Song, as she faced a final showdown with the Doctor and his friends. Well, we think she did. The thing is, we can't really remember what happened... Silence!?

RUNNER-UP - The Peg Dolls (38.1%)
3RD PLACE - The Cybermen and Cybermats (5.2%)
4TH PLACE - The Minotaur (5.2%)
5TH PLACE - The Handbots (3.9%)

Series 6: Part 2 DVD Thanks to everybody who voted! What do you think of the results? Have your choices come out on top? Let us know!

The truth about River Song is out and the time has come for the Doctor to face his greatest demons. Venturing across centuries and galaxies, the Doctor, Amy and Rory will encounter the greatest war criminal in all of history - and Hitler. Together, they'll discover there's no scarier place in the universe than a child's bedroom and a visit to an alien quarantine facility will reveal to Rory a very different side to his wife. In a hotel where walls move, corridors twist and rooms vanish, death lies waiting. But the Doctor's time has yet to come. He has one last stop to make on his final journey - an old friend needs his help and an old foe must be defeated. But time catches up with us all and the Doctor can delay no more.

By the shores of Lake Silencio, in Utah, all of time and space hang in the balance. And a NASA astronaut is waiting.

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