Series 6: Part 1 Awards - The Results
Now that Series 6: Part 1 has reached its climax, we're faced with a long summer of speculating and scrutinizing everything we learned in the first seven episodes. It's also a great excuse to relive all the laughs, tears and scares (and there were plenty of 'em!), and we did just that with our very own awards! Keep reading for the all-important results...

Best Actor
BEST ACTOR: Matt Smith
...with 73% of the vote!
Taking home the coveted title of 'Best Actor' is Matt Smith, who effortlessly brings our irreplaceable bow-tie-wearing, fish-fingers-and-custard-eating hero to life. Over the course of the spring series, Matt took his portrayal of everybody's favourite Time Lord into new territories, which is particularly impressive when you take into consideration the fact he was shot dead minutes into the series premiere! Alas, it was but a future version of him (timey wimey!), so his present self was still alive and kicking to guide us through 6 more episodes of drama, suspense and scares. And we wouldn't have it any other way! One question remains though... Are Stetsons cool!?

RUNNER-UP - Arthur Darvill (18%)
3RD PLACE - Mark Sheppard (5%)
4TH PLACE - Simon Fisher-Becker (2%)
5TH PLACE - Hugh Bonneville (1%)
6TH PLACE - Stuart Milligan (1%)
Best Actress
BEST ACTRESS: Alex Kingston
...with 38% of the vote!
Spoilers, sweetie! Although she only appeared in 3 episodes of the spring series, she certainly made quite an impact on the Doctor, Amy and Rory's lives! The epic spring finale, A Good Man Goes to War, will go down in history as the episode in which we finally discovered the true identity of River Song. Was your prediction correct? We might know who she is, but we're still seemingly none the wiser about just what her relationship with the Doctor entails. The mystery is far from over, though, and Alex Kingston recently promised that there's plenty more "twist and turns" on their way. We wonder what the future holds for River...

RUNNER-UP - Karen Gillan (31%)
3RD PLACE - Suranne Jones (28%)
4TH PLACE - Sarah Smart (2%)
5TH PLACE - Christina Chong (1%)
6TH PLACE - Frances Barber (1%)
Best Single Story
BEST SINGLE STORY: The Doctor's Wife
...with 63% of the vote!
The Doctor's Wife has been voted as the 'Best Single Story', and, with a landslide majority of the vote, it's sure to go down as an all time classic. From the weird and wonderful brain of acclaimed fantasy writer Neil Gaiman, the episode showed us a new side of the Doctor as he came face to face with his beloved TARDIS in human form. The blue police box was beautifully brought to life by actress Suranne Jones, but after a showdown with the terrifying House, voiced by Michael Sheen, it was over before it had even began. The Doctor finally got to say hello to his most loyal companion, and, while it was only short, it was very sweet!

RUNNER-UP - A Good Man Goes to War (33%)
3RD PLACE - The Curse of the Black Spot (4%)
Best Two Parter
BEST TWO PARTER: The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon
...with 86% of the vote!
Every series premiere of Doctor Who has been bigger, bolder and more ambitious than the last, but even those words don't do justice to the cinematic US two parter - written by Steven Moffat - that kicked off this year's series with a bang. After being summoned to the US in the present day, Amy, Rory and River witnessed the death of the Doctor when he was shot dead by a mysterious astronaut. But the end of his life was just the beginning, as an epic journey across America in 1969 led our heroes into the hands of the terrifying Silence. Aided by Canton Delaware (Mark Sheppard), the two parter also saw the first appearance of the mysterious Eyepatch Lady, as the seeds of various story arcs were planted. Throw in an alliance with President Nixon (Stuart Milligan), a trip to a creepy orphange and some thrilling helicopter shots of the Utah desert, and you've got yourself a humdinger of a Doctor Who adventure!

RUNNER-UP - The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People (14%)
Best Cliffhanger
BEST CLIFFHANGER: The young girl regenerates
...with 40% of the vote!
The young girl's regeneration at the end of Day of the Moon has been voted as the most shocking cliffhanger of the series so far. Only Steven Moffat would throw in such a massive plot twist, and we didn't even have time to recover from the dramatic US two parter before our minds began speculating about just who the girl might be. You can share your theories in our ongoing Series 6 discussion!

RUNNER-UP - Amy isn't Amy (35%)
3RD PLACE - River Song's identity is revealed (22%)
4TH PLACE - Amy shoots at the astronaut (2%)
5TH PLACE - The Doctor's Ganger (1%)
Best Scare
BEST SCARE: The Silence
...with 79% of the vote!
The Doctor himself, Matt Smith, has described the Silence as "the scariest Doctor Who monster in a long time", and it looks like the majority of you agrees! The terrifying creatures were introduced in the opening The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon two parter, however we've been hearing about them ever since The Eleventh Hour. One of the scariest things about them - aside from their menacing appearance - is the fact that you forget all about them as soon as you look away, which makes the task of defeating this particular adversary all the more challenging! Sorry, what were we talking about...?

RUNNER-UP - The House (11%)
3RD PLACE - The Gangers (7%)
4TH PLACE - The Siren (3%)
Funniest Moment
FUNNIEST MOMENT: The Doctor meets the Doctor
...with 38% of the vote!
The Doctor's encounter with his Ganger in The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People two parter has been named as Series 6: Part 1's 'Funniest Moment', and it was always bound to be a humorous occasion, for who could possibly get on better with the Doctor than himself? Hilarity ensued as they finished off each other's sentences, despite the fact they were simply confusing the hell out of everybody else! Now, who fancies reversing the jelly baby of the neutron flow...?

RUNNER-UP - Bunk beds are cool! (36%)
3RD PLACE - The future Doctor's messages through history (11%)
4TH PLACE - The Doctor's Stetson (8%)
5TH PLACE - Rory possessed by the Siren (7%)
Saddest Moment
SADDEST MOMENT: The Doctor and Idris say goodbye
...with 56% of the vote!
There were plenty of laughs in the spring series, but it wouldn't be the same Doctor Who we all know and love if there wasn't plenty of tears too. The saddest moment - as voted for by you - is the moment the Doctor and Idris parted ways at the end of The Doctor's Wife. We weren't the only ones crying as the Doctor bid an emotional farewell to his oldest friend in human form. Tissues at the ready, folks!

RUNNER-UP - The Doctor's death (16%)
3RD PLACE - Melody Ganger (12%)
4TH PLACE - The Doctor and River's first/last kiss (12%)
5TH PLACE - Amy saves Rory (4%)

Series 6: Part 1 DVDSo, there we have it! Thanks to everybody who voted! Did your favourites come out on top? Let us know!

Series 6: Part 1 is out now to buy in a 2-disc DVD and Blu-ray set. If you've added it to your collection, share your reviews here! The series continues on BBC One in the autmn in Let's Kill Hitler...

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