The Stars of Series 7
The Stars of Series 7

Series 7 reached its epic conclusion in The Name of the Doctor and it's safe to say that overall it has been a series that has defied time and space itself. We lost companions, met a new one (multiple times!), encountered an array of terrifying new foes and were reunited with a host of old ones along the way. It's been a blast, hasn't it?

The Doctor's off for a well-earned break now and to celebrate his latest string of adventures we opened up our own awards to find out your Stars of Series 7. Overall over 3,000 votes were cast, and the time has come to reveal the all-important results...

Best Actor
BEST ACTOR: Matt Smith (The Doctor)
...with 71% of the vote!
Kicking off the proceedings is the award for Best Actor and we're thrilled to be giving the coveted title to the only, the only and the best.

That's right, it's the main man who has single-handedly managed to make bow ties and Fezzes cool - the Eleventh Doctor himself Mr Matt Smith! The actor has been recognised for showcasing more of his diverse acting abilities throughout Series 7, with the majority of your votes (a landslide majority, we might add!) agreeing that he put in the best performance. It was another rocky road for the Doctor as he lost friends, made friends and was led to the one place in all of time and space he must never go. Never a dull moment eh!? And you better make the most of him, because he'll be bowing out in this year's Christmas Special...

RUNNER-UP - Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams)
3RD PLACE - Dan Starkey (Strax)