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26th February 2011 - Doctor Who Experience
Doctor Who Experience On Saturday 26th February 2011, we visited the brand new Doctor Who Experience, located at the Olympia in London. Billed as an "unmissable" adventure, we're delighted to inform you that it did more than just live up to its name, providing a show-stopping and exhilarating experience that is sure to be enjoyed by Doctor Who fans both young and old. Read on for our full review!

The launch of a new spectacle devoted to all things Doctor Who is always a zestful occasion, but the array of gleaming reviews and tantalizing previews that were released in the run up to the launch of this particular attraction served as the perfect fuel to send our excitement levels into complete over drive. When they say it's the Doctor Who Experience, they aren't lying, and from the moment the elevator doors open, you bid farewell to planet Earth as the weird and wonderful worlds of Doctor Who become your thrilling new reality.

The timey-wimey fun begins before you have even entered the Experience itself, as you're first invited to pose for an official photograph of you falling through the vortex. Once you've taken a leaf out of the Doctor and Amy's book, you're led into a room where a countdown prepares you for the start of the adventure. A few props from the series, including a Dalek, are on display to help pass the time and build your anticipation, then the doors open to reveal something from another world...

...a gigantic screen! But hold on, there's something not quite right about this screen - but what? As it plays an inspiring montage of the Eleventh Doctor's greatest moments, it all becomes clear. Before you know it, the screen quite literally cracks in half, opening up to Starship UK, and... Actually, we'll stop right there, as the less you know about the walk-through, the better! Suffice to say, it's a truly unforgettable and wonderful experience, and the authentic sets, alien sounds and overall atmosphere bring you closer to the Doctor's world than ever before. Stepping inside the TARDIS will be a cherishable moment for any fan, and it's delightfully terrifying when you encounter some of the most fearsome of foes as you make your way through the realms of time and space. The only problem is that it feels like it's over before it's even started, but as you arrive back in the present day, you realise that you've still got the exhibition to explore - and oh, what an exhibition it is!

The Eleventh Doctor waxwork A strikingly realistic waxwork of Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor next to the TARDIS welcomes you to the museum, and the latest incarnation of our beloved Time Lord is surrounded by the costumes of his ten precedessors. Seeing them all next to each other makes you realise how different each incarnation was, however it's great to be able to study them all up close and appreciate the individual designs and features that made each of the Doctors their own. Anyone for a stick of celery?

One of our highlights of the exhibition has to be the Ninth/Tenth Doctor TARDIS set, presented in all its glory. As you pass the time rotor, you're reminded of happy memories of Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant bounding around the consoles, and seeing it in front of you also allows you to acknowledge just how much time and effort was put into the design, with intricate details that unfortunately never quite came across on screen.

More great costumes are showcased as you make your way further inside the exhibition, including the attires worn by the companions of the new series, and don't forget to say hello to K-9! Once you've explored the rest of the exhibits, you find yourself in the hair-raising Monster Zone, which basically does what it says on the tin and is just as frightening as we've come to expect! Here, you come face to face with the Daleks through the ages (or should that be face to plunger?), the Abzorbaloff, an Ood, the Sontarans, gas mask zombies, a Zygon, scarecrows, the Hath and a Slitheen (to name but a few!), all of which are displayed in pristine condition. You can also learn how to walk like a monster, before delving into the history of the sounds and music of Doctor Who. Props from the 2010 Christmas special, A Christmas Carol, including Kazran Sardick's chair, are featured at the very end of the exhibition, with room for new Series 6 exhibits to be added over the coming months...

Experience 1

All in all, the Experience is a hugely enjoyable day out, containing everything a Doctor Who fan could ever want. You start off by starring in your very own adventure alongside the Doctor himself, before going behind the scenes to see how the magic happens. As the Ninth Doctor would say, 'Fantastic!', as the Tenth Doctor would say, 'Allons-y!', and as the Eleventh Doctor would say, 'Geronimo!'. The shop also deserves a mention, bursting at the seams with Doctor Who DVDs, books, toys and other related merchandise. If there was ever a physical representation of the word 'Whovian', rest assured this would be it!

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