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3rd November 2010 - Doctor Who Live
Doctor Who LiveOn Wednesday 3rd November, we journeyed to Liverpool's Echo Arena to watch a performance of the critically-acclaimed Doctor Who Live arena tour. Suffice to say, the tagline 'The monsters are coming...' definitely stayed true to its word!

In a nutshell, the show - which is billed as a 'spectacular celebration' of all things Time Lord - is hosted by Vorgenson, the self-proclaimed 'Greatest Showman in the Galaxy', who guides us through a menagerie of monsters and memories as he relives some of the Doctor's most magnificent adventures to date. He does this using his Minimiser, a device which gives him complete control over the array of aliens he has captured, several of which he proudly showcases as part of his presentation. We don't want to spoil it for any of you who have yet to see it, but not everything is as it initially seems, and as the story develops we learn that there might just be a far greater force behind Vorgenson's 'stupendous' invention...

But let's not get ahead of ourselves! The show itself is everything a fan could ever possibly want from a Doctor Who arena tour, sporting all that we know and love from the series and bringing it to life with a spectacular music, lighting and special effects accompaniment. When the tour was first announced, some debated whether or not it could work on the stages of some of the UK's biggest arenas, however we're sure that the finished product is more than enough to show the doubters that the universe of Doctor Who stretches far beyond the realms of Saturday night television.

Throughout the show, the fantastic band, conducted, as ever, by Ben Foster, peformed some of the most popular scores to several montages of clips, which were played out on the big screen. Those who have seen the Doctor Who Proms will be familiar with this, and watching your favourite scenes with live music, whilst being surrounded by your fellow fans, is just the way Doctor Who should be watched, and it's the perfect reminder of just why we love the series as much as we do.

A review of the show wouldn't be complete without mentioning its ensemble of starring monsters, who you'll be glad to hear were just as terrifying as we've come to expect! The Clockwork Droids, the Vampire Girls and the Cybermen were just some of the enemies to make an untimely appearance, and the tidal wave of screams said it all as the foes made their way through the anxious audience. Speaking of which, the atmosphere from the crowd was electric throughout - one of our personal favourite moments was the huge gasp that echoed through the arena when the Doctor said the two fateful words: 'Don't blink!'. We all knew what was coming, and we sat with baited breath as we awaited the inevitable...

The Doctor's scenes which were played on the screen were another highlight, however it was Nigel Planer who managed to steal the show with his fantastic peformance as Vorgenson. He held the story together perfectly, right up to its phenomenal finale, and, of course, the band were also on top form throughout. Nick Briggs was brilliant when he took to the stage as Winston Churchill, as were the supporting cast members who appeared as other characters.

All in all, it was a fantastic show and we highly recommend it to Doctor Who fans of all ages. After each monster's descent through the crowd, you'll find yourself on the edge of your seat waiting for the next monster to appear, and of course you need no excuse to listen to Murray Gold's music in all its 'rockified' glory! With great peformances from the cast and a thrilling story, you too can be part of the adventure, with plenty of music, monsters and mayhem! Geronimo!

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