Event Reports
2nd April 2010 - The Doctor Who Roadshow

1BBC Big Screens hosted various events up and down the country to celebrate the launch of Series 5. One of them was held in Manchester, and we travelled down to check it out for ourselves!

When we arrived, we were given a free pair of 3D glasses, as well as a holographic version of the vortex promo image, and a tattoo featuring the new Doctor Who TARDIS insignia.

A congregation of Whovians young and old gathered around the big screen and counted down to the showing of the vortex promo in all its 3D glory. After that, the opening sequence from The Eleventh Hour and the second launch trailer were shown.

There were yet more suprises in store, as an Ood and a Cyberman bounded onto the stage and treated us to their trademark poses as music from the Doctor Who soundtrack blared through the speakers.

You can check out some of our photographs from the day below. Did you attend any of the roadshows? Let us know!

Roadshow 1