Throwing a Doctor Who Halloween Party
The Halloween season is very nearly upon us, and here you'll find our top tips, ideas and more on how you can host your very own Doctor Who themed party!

The Doctor
Transforming YOUR Home into the Doctor's TARDIS!
  1. Firstly, put a sign over the entrance to your party that says 'POLICE PUBLIC CALL BOX', and another on the door itself saying 'POLICE TELEPHONE, FREE USE FOR OF PUBLIC, ADVICE & ASSISTANCE OBTAINABLE IMMEDIATELY, OFFICER & CARS RESPOND TO ALL CALLS, PULL TO OPEN'.
  2. You might also want to consider printing off a 'St. John's Ambulance' logo for extra detail!
  3. Inside the party room, create a TARDIS console centerpiece using a table and some cardboard boxes piled on top of each other and/or glued together to form the time rotor. You can either complete the look and use foil and various other household items to create the buttons and leavers, or you can lay out your buffet around your make-shift rotor - it's up to you! (You can always use a second table for the food)
  4. Next, decorate the room with stars, planets or any other space imagery of your choice, and finish off by adding orange/green streamers.
  5. Decorate the ceiling with glow-in-the-dark stars, or, if you're not keeping the lights low, you can make your own using aluminum foil.
  6. If you own any of the Doctor Who soundtracks, play it quietly in the background. Alternatively, you can search for the tracks, or any other creepy Halloween music for that matter, on YouTube!
  7. Download/record the sound of the TARDIS materialising and play it every now and then to complete the effect.
Costume Ideas

Doctor Who is one of the best things in the world to base your Halloween costume on - because there's so much to choose from! Whether you want to dress up as the Doctor himself, or one of his companions, or one of the many villains he has encounted, there's bound to be something or someone for you to transform yourself into for the night! Here's some of our personal ideas:

For adults:

  • The Doctor (any incarnation)
  • One of the Doctor's companions
  • A Cyberman
  • An Ood
  • A Scarecrow
  • A Judoon
  • A Dalek
  • A Sontaran (best if you're a short adult!)
  • The Master (any incarnation)
  • A Carrionite
  • A Slitheen (but no farting!)
  • A Clockwork Droid
  • A Weeping Angel (Don't blink!)
  • A Vampire Girl
  • A Silurian
  • A Vashta Nerada Skeleton
  • Soothsayer (don't forget the eye on the back of your hand!)
  • A Water Zombie

For children:

  • The Doctor (any incarnation)
  • One of the Doctor's companions
  • A Sontaran
  • A Dalek
  • A Cyberman
  • A baby Slitheen
  • A gas-masked zombie
  • An Ood
  • A Graske
  • A Groske
  • Bannakaffalatta (you'll need lots of red face paint for this one!)
Game ideas
  • Play a Doctor Who trivia contest
  • Who's Who? - A 'Guess the Costume' game
  • Best Dalek/Cyberman Impressions
The Buffet
  • Dalek Donuts
  • Cybermen Cookies
  • Hath Hotdogs
  • Slitheen Sausages
  • The Master's Marshmellows
  • K-9's Kookies
  • And any other food/drink you can put something Doctor Who related in front of!
You're now all set for the biggest Doctor Who extravaganza of the year - you'll be the talk of the universe! Now all you have to do is send out your invitations. You can either make/buy or use our template, which you can print off by clicking here. Enjoy!