Who'loween Spooktacular Results 2010
Throughout his travels in the TARDIS, the Doctor has encountered more enemies than you can shake a stick at. Life for a Time Lord is far from dull, and if there's ever a perfect time of the year to look back over his menagerie of monsters, it's definitely Halloween. To celebrate the season, we invited you to share your all time scariest enemy, or in other words, the one that sends the biggest shiver up your spine when they invade our screens on a Saturday night! There was plenty to choose from, but the moment has arrived and below are WhovianNet's Top Five Foes, as voted for by you!

WINNER: The Weeping Angels...
...with 54.3% of the vote!
Over half of you voted the Weeping Angels as your most feared adversary, and it doesn't take a genius to work out why! Their first story, 2007's Blink, told the story of Sally Sparrow's desperate attempt to unravel the unfolding mystery of what we can safely say are the universe's spookiest statues. It's common knowledge that you should never look an enemy in the eye, but when faced by these terrifying figures, doing that is probably your safest bet! Or so we thought, before the Doctor's most recent encounter with them in the Maze of the Dead. Poor, poor Amy...
2nd: The Empty Child...
...with 20.9% of the vote!
In 2005, the question on everybody's lips was 'Are you my mummy?', and we all stared at our screens and watched with baited breath as the horrifying gas mask zombies set out to stalk the streets of war-torn London. The risk of falling bombs was the least of worries for the Doctor, Rose and their new acquaintance Jack, as they raced against the clock to stop the virus from sweeping over the entire population. No pressure then!
3rd: The Vashta Nerada...
...with 16.3% of the vote!
In at Number 3 is another classic Steven Moffat creation, the Vashta Nerada, who made their way to the Doctor Who Monster Wall of Fame (or should that be Shame?) when they were uncovered by the Doctor and Donna in the universe's biggest Library. Suffice to say, these carnivorous beasts are a force to be reckoned with, as they'd be able to strip you down to your bare bones before you'd even have the chance to say "Raxacoricofallapatorius"! Should you ever find yourself in their midst, these 3 words might just save your life: Count the shadows. You can thank us later!
4th: The Daleks...
...with 7.0% of the vote!
Our Who'loween Spooktacular just wouldn't be complete without a mention of these menancing metal mutants, but surprisingly they only send 7% of you screaming behind the sofa. The Daleks are undoubtedly the Doctor's most persistant of enemies, and since their first appearance in the 1963 serial, The Daleks, they've always been just around the corner, ready and waiting to ex-teeer-minate their way to the ultimate victory. We've seen gold ones, white ones, blue ones and red ones, but no matter what their paint job, they all serve the same purpose - to con-quer the uni-veeeerse! It's a shame the Doctor's always around to save the day then really, isn't it? Ha - better luck next tiiiiiiime!
5th: The Cybermen...
...with 1.6% of the vote!
Last but by no means least are the chilling Cybermen, another formidable race from the Doctor's past who just won't take no for an answer. As far as the Cybermen are concerned, the human race is nothing but inferior, and they won't rest until they've converted every single one of us into stomping steel like them. If you see one in the distance, the best thing to do is run for your life, unless, of course, you fancy being deleted into cyberspace forever more with no option of a Recyle Bin. We think we'll take the 'running' option, please!

Thanks to everybody who voted. Have a Happy Halloween, and don't blink!