I Love Doctor Who Because...
In December 2011, we launched a competition to win a copy of the brand new Series 6 Soundtrack. To enter, we invited our visitors to summarise their passion for Doctor Who in just 15 words. We thought we had assigned a mighty task, but we recieved so many fantastic entries that we just had to compile them all below! Read on to see a collection of our favourite entries, serving as a mini-celebration of our favourite Time Lord!

I Love Doctor Who Because...

I Love Doctor Who Because..."... it is part of my life and I couldn't live without it, or Amy Pond!"

- David Speirs

"...it's inventive, funny, gripping and well written - and it's a great fandom to be in!"
- Louis Rabinowitz

"...it is science fiction, adventure, friendship, hopeful, fun, entertaining, inventive, and good times for all."
- Marie Parsons

"...it encourages me to explore every part of my imagination and realise anything is possible."
- Lucy Olley

"...this show thaught me that when something changes that brings something new to your life."

- Attila Seller

"...it's fun, interesting, exciting, funny, scary, the best show ever, and most of all cool."

- David Bisset

"...it has inspired me to become a writer in the future and to work hard!"
- Thomas Cocker

"...it brings wonder, whimsy, and joy to my life. It''s magical, witty, scary, and wonderful!"
- Jennifer Griffith

"...who'd have thought all of time and space could fit into one small TV screen?"
- Monika

"...the Doctor is fascinating and fun to watch, while the story and music is inspiring."
- Magister

"...of Hartnell, Troughton, Pertwee, Tom Baker, Davison, Colin Baker, McCoy, McGann, Eccleston, Tennant and Smith!"
- Simon Bromley

"...watching allows me to bond with my 16 yo son, who loves all things Who."
- Julia Shlemmer

"...he saves worlds and rescues civilizations, defeats terrible creatures, and plus he runs a lot."
- Lina Cienfuegos

"...of what he represents, hope, and all the risk of the adventures he goes through."
- Laura F

"....it changed my worldview and taught me to value the sanctity of life in writing."
- Katie Daniels

"...watching it growing up, wanting to be the Doctor, it shaped who I am today."
- Alberto De Leon

"...the programme has a timeless appeal, just like the Doctor himself."
- Sharon Evans

"...it can go anywhere, do anything and be so varied. The sky isn't the limit!"
- Tanzila M

"...it's such an adventure. You can travel just about anywhere and just because it's cool."
- Scott Knapp

"...it teaches us that there is so much to see in life. It's worth living!"
- Alexander Sigsworth

"...in my imagination I can live inside the Doctor's world, where everything is always beautiful."
- Nikki

"...he is an amazing character who can bring laughter and change people's perspectives on life."
- Amelia

"...it's the fantasy life you always wished you could have and makes the impossible possible!"
- Lauren

"...it showed me that if you believe in yourself, you can do amazing, brilliant things."
- Smaragda

"...it never, ever bores me! Once a week, one can embark on the greatest adventure!"
- Charles McGrath

"...the story really can't end. It's a mad, scary, sad, wonderful fairy tale that regenerates."
- Jenni Noordhoek

"...it is so interesting and the most intriguing show I have seen in my life."
- Caitland Highet

"...it takes me on an adventure every single episode. I can escape my regular life."

- Chris Hadden

"...no other show could be as awesome as a time travelling alien in a bow tie!"

- Evannah Clark

"...it teaches me everything, makes me happy when I'm sad, without it I would nothing."
- Georgia Davidson

"...the Doctor is perfect, sexy, insane and sort of bow tie-ish. He will last forever."

- Veronika

"...a trip from the start and never slows down, A wonderful story to suspend disbelief!"
- Michael McLeod

"...it's topsy-turvy, wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey, hysterical, absorbing, riveting, fantastically awesome and cool, like bowties and fez hats."
- Neeharika

"...since I was 13, I''ve been transported in time and space away from real life."
- Catherine Todd

"...anything you can imagine is possible, hero's really exist, and who doesn't love an adventure?"
- Tanya Ruel

"...it makes you realize that EVERYONE is important and can save the world."
- Sarah Schwartz

"...Amy, Rory, River and the Doctor are in it, and it is extraordinary and humorus."
- Stephen Speirs

"...I changed a lot as a person, and learnt about outerspace, losing people and history."
- Simone

"...it makes aliens seem human... and humans, alien. My heart feels bigger on the inside."

- Charlotte Treadwell

"...the stories are very interesting, creative and the Doctor adds the comedic relief everyone needs."
- Kaylie Sheehan

"...it's a dream come true where I can watch adventures in time and space."
- Simon Brown

"...I LOVE Doctor Who because it's so utterly amazing and it messes with my head."

- Anika Raj

"...of Hartnell, Troughton, Pertwee, Tom Baker, Davison, Colin Baker, McCoy, McGann, Eccleston, Tennant, and Smith."
- Michael H. McCarley

"...I love all the adventures in the TARDIS and watching the Doctor defeat the monsters."
- Anthony Saunders

"...mad, mental, funny, dark, daring, an escape from the real world, inspiring stuff and flabergasting!"
- Matt Powell

"...the adventures and excitement keeps me on my toes and the days from getting dull."
- Shannon Reynolds

"...Reinvention, Regeneration. Action, emotion, wit, drama. Old. New. Iconic. Quintessentially British. Completely Unique. Utterly Perfect."
- Jack Verhaeg

"...one day, I swear I'll work on DW. I don't even live in the UK."
- Vanessa Aisha Mostafa

"...the show isn't just about romance, like several other sci-fi's. Also, it's an awesome show!"
- Emma Maguire

"...there is a good balance of comedy and drama, and the characters are well written."
- Michelle

"...it is just the best TV show ever, and Murray Gold is an absolute genius."
- Jacqueline Wheeler

"...it's the most fun and exciting science fiction show to ever grace a television screen."
- Kevin Yoder

"...the Doctor makes dreams a reality, whether big or small, he brings them to fruition."
- Jessica Chasengnou

"...when people need something to believe in, the Doctor is the one to count on."
- Malina

...and THAT'S why we love Doctor Who!