Radio Times Companion Special

Radio Times Companion Special The Doctor and his companion go together like a horse and carriage, and it's hard to think just what he would be without one by his side. Our beloved Time Lord has travelled with humans, aliens and even robot dogs, and it is his long line of faithful friends that are commemorated in the latest Doctor Who special magazine to be produced by Radio Times.

The glossy magazine - appropriately entitled 'The Companions' - presents an in-depth A-Z guide to the lucky few (well, maybe not few...) who have taken up residency in the TARDIS over the years. The proceedings are kicked off with an overview of the "troubled" and "fiesty" teenager Ace, played by Sophie Alred, who accompanied the Seventh Doctor between 1987-1989. Across the next 160 lavishly illustrated pages, we are taken on a nostalgic journey through time and space, delving into the past, the present and the future with an insightful round up of the Doctor's finest allies to have brightened up our screens since the 1960s. Last but by no means least is the "brilliant and ultra-sensible 21st century astrophysicist" Zoe Heriot, portrayed by Wendy Padbury, who first appeared alongside the Second Doctor back in the late 1960s...

In addition, each biography includes exclusive quotes, taken from previous Radio Times issues, in which the actors who played the companions discuss their respective roles. Throughout the book, there are also rare and never before seen photographs taken from past cover shoots, which help to make the definitive collectors' edition even more special.

As Radio Times editor Ben Preston notes in his foreword, the companions are "the nearest we'll ever get to entering the world of the Doctor", and for that reason alone we are eternally in their debt. Since the very first episode, we've laughed with them, cried with them and, naturally, screamed with them, and this magazine serves as a perfect celebration and reminder of those who have made the Doctor's adventures that little bit more 'human'. Although it's wrong to pick a favourite, we've all got our own personal cherished companion, and whether yours is the "kilt-wearing" Jamie McCrimmon (1966-69, 1983, 1985), the "spirited" Martha Jones (2007, 2008, 2010), or the "sweet, dependable" Rory Williams (2010-present), you'll find them in here.

The Radio Times Companion Special can be ordered now, priced £9.99 (free p+p). Click here for the details!