Your Favourite Russell T Davies Moments
As Russell T Davies prepared to leave the world of Who behind, we asked our visitors to vote for their all time favourite moment to have been penned by the outgoing showrunner. And the results are in - did your favourite come out on top? Find out below! A big thanks to all who voted!

WINNER: The 'Death' Of Donna
From episode: 4.13, Journey's End
28.0%, 29 votes
Tissues at the ready, folks! Donna Noble wanted to travel in the TARDIS forever, but her adventures were cut short when the Doctor had to wipe her memories after she was the victim of a Time Lord/human metacrisis. Her brain became that of a Time Lord's, and it would've killed her had the Doctor not wiped the slate clean in order to save her life...
2nd: Bad Wolf Bay Farewell Scene
From episode: 2.13, Doomsday
25.0%, 25 votes
After being saved by Pete seconds before falling into the Void, Rose Tyler managed to say one final goodbye to the man she loved when his voice led her to a beach in Norway called Dårlig Ulv Stranden. She finally told him that she loved him, and he was about to reply when his signal was cut off, meaning that they would never see each other again. Well, so they thought...
3rd: Doctor & Donna Mime Scene
From episode: 4.1, Partners in Crime
20.0%, 20 votes
After regretting her decision to decline the Doctor's invitation at the end of The Runaway Bride, Donna Noble set out to find him again. And that she did. And when the pair were investigating the mysterious Adipose Industries at the start of the fourth series, they were reunited when they saw each other through the windows on either side of Miss Foster's office. Donna's face said it all!
4th: The Doctor And Rose's Reunion
From episode: 4.12, The Stolen Earth
16.0%, 16 votes
Fans rejoiced at the end of the fourth series when the Doctor and Rose Tyler were finally reunited after a series of tantalizing near misses. The perfect love story, and, as in any other perfect love story, a Dalek was on hand to ruin the beautiful moment and shot down the Doctor with its infamous cry of 'Exterminate!' And thus the nation wept. And wept. And wept.
5th: The Return Of The Daleks
From episode: 2.12, Army of Ghosts
4.0%, 4 votes
As if things weren't bad enough with the millions of Cybermen invading Earth, but in the Series 2 finale, the Cult of Skaro arrived through the Void Ship to make the Doctor's life even more difficult. But they also made for a great cliffhanger, and one which shocked the nation to its very core. "Location: Earth. Lifeforms detected! Exterminate!"
6th: Martha's Reaction To The TARDIS
From episode: 3.1, Smith and Jones
3.0%, 3 votes
Aah, a new companion arriving in the TARDIS is always an exciting time. And when Martha Jones first stepped inside the spaceship, her first words were, naturally, "It's bigger on the inside..." But this is something the Doctor has heard many a time. "Is it?!" he replied. "I hadn't noticed."
7th: Martha Jones/Sarah Jane Smith Death Report On BBC News
From episode: 4.11, Turn Left
3.0%, 3 votes
It doesn't take a genius to work out that life without the Doctor would be pretty tough for the human race. And in Series 4, we were shown just how tough things would be when time was changed and Donna Noble never met the Doctor. Just one of the consequences of the Time Lord's untimely demise was the deaths of Martha Jones and Sarah Jane Smith, who were both killed when the Judoon transported Martha's hospital to the moon. Things were put back to normal though, all thanks to Rose and Donna, and the Doctor's former companions live to fight another day. Hurrah!
8th: The Rise Of The CyberKing
From episode: 4.14, The Next Doctor
2.0%, 2 votes
The 2008 Christmas special saw the return of the Cybermen to our screens, and this time they brought with them a huge CyberKing which trampled over the streets of London. Only on Doctor Who, eh?