Fan of the Month
December 2008
December 2008: Mike

Q. How did you become a fan of Doctor Who?

A. I remember being about 9 and seeing Pertwee episodes on UK Gold, I'd seen the last McCoy episodes but only then did I think it was such a good show, I watched them all the way through, and when I heard they were bringing the show back I was delighted!

Q. What is your favourite new series episode?

A. I reckon my favourite new series episode would be a tie between 'Dalek' for its raw rivalry between the Doctor and the destroyer of the Time Lords, or 'Blink', purely because it's a cracker of a story!

Q. Are you looking forward to The Next Doctor this month?
A. You bet I am! The Children in Need clip was too much, I NEED to see it now!

Q. Who would you like to meet from the Doctor Who cast or crew?
A. I'd have loved to have been on set for 'Time Crash'. David Tennant and Peter Davison are my favourite Doctors, throw Steven Moffatt in the mix and I'd be in Whovian Heaven!

Q. Will you be asking Father Christmas for anything Doctor Who related this year?
A. I'm HOPING I'll get something related... my friend bought me a Laser Screwdriver last year and I love it!

Q. If you could go anywhere in time and space, where would you go and why?
A. November 22nd 1963, so I could watch the first episode ever be broadcast... might even bump into Doc 8! He was there during 'Rememberance of the Daleks'.

Q. Anything else you'd like to add?
A. I hope this new generation of fans keeps the series going for another 45 years... hopefully no 15 year gaps this time!