Fan of the Month
April 2009
April 2009: Cain

Q. How did you become a fan of Doctor Who?
A. I first became a fan of Doctor Who when my Dad told me that the show was returning in 2005 and that he loved it as a child. I was persuaded to watch it and did show to pretty mediocre delight. I did like the show but only after a few episodes. My loving for the show kicked off after 'Doomsday'.

Q. Are you looking forward to this year's Easter special, Planet of the Dead?
A. To be honest, I'm struggling to look forward to the episode, I haven't lost faith in David Tennant or the writers just the name of the episode for one seems so samey and the Trivotore fail to tickle my fancy. I don't mind Michelle Ryan but I also don't like Lee Evans' comedy, but that won't effect his character.

Q. What's your favourite new series episode and why?
A. I think my favourite episode on a whole would have to be... 'The Sound of Drums'/'Last Of The Timelords'. I sometimes hate to admit it as it seems so stereotypical and I hate being that, but I just loved the performance of John Simm of whom I'd already watched and admired from Life on Mars.

Q. What would you do if you had your own TARDIS?
A. Hmm. Probably brag to my friends and let them inside. Not sure. I'm not wildly ambitious with things of that sort so I'd probably stay quite local. No adventuring on other galaxies or anything. Might just roam my streets a little. Get some chips. Pretty boring and ungrateful I know...

Q. If you could meet any of the Doctor Who cast or crew, who would it be and why?
A. It would have to be David Tennant, altough again that sounds immensley stereotypical. Overall the reasons for this is that I just respect him massively and think he has proven himself as a top-class actor in not just Doctor Who but in other film and TV roles.

Q. Will you be sad to see him go?
A. Yeah. Mainly because I'm not to keen on Matt Smith as of yet. If I had known David would be succeeded by a proven actor, I would have been sad to see him go but just as glad to see the next actor to fulfill the role. I suppose all actors have to start somewhere though...

Q. Anything else you'd like to add?
A. Just keep watching Doctor Who as it's the best show for decades!