Fan of the Month
June 2009
July 2009: Megan

Q. How did you become a fan of Doctor Who?
A. Sheer luck. My family happened to catch The Empty Child one week, and I was absolutely terrified. Of course, next Saturday I forced them all to sit down and watch The Doctor Dances with me. This was in the days prior to the wonder that is BBC iPlayer, so I had to wait for the series one boxset to catch up, which I was given for Christmas - never have I been more antisocial on Christmas Day!

Q. What did you think of Planet of the Dead?
A. I loved it. I am a very forgiving fan because of my stubbornness. Once I've decided I like something, I like it, end of story. (The opposite is also true: I have to walk out the room every time Britain's Got Talent is on because I decided a long time ago that such reality programs aggravate me. And that is aggravating.) Therefore, since I love Doctor Who, I loved Planet of the Dead. I thought Lady Christina was very amusing, and my favourite moment of the episode was when the Doctor turned her down. The look on David Tennant's face... I realise that there were bad points to the episode; the really rather random Tritovores spring to mind - what was their purpose? They filled a few minutes, and didn't do much else. And yet I still loved the Doctor's attempt to speak their language.

Q. Are you looking forward to Series 3 of Torchwood?
A. Are you kidding me?

Q. If you could meet any of the Doctor Who cast or crew, who would it be and why?
A. No one. No, don't look at me like I'm mad - I have my reasons. Firstly, I would be liable to turn into a gibbering wreck when presented with anyone vaguely related to Doctor Who. Secondly, I don't think I could decide. David Tennant springs to mind, but I'm a writer at heart, so I'd love to meet Steven Moffat, but I'd feel like such a pathetic amateur when faced with the Moff, so that rules out all the writers. I would love to meet Murray Gold, but really I'd love to watch him work without him knowing of my presence. I think it would be fascinating to see how he gets his ideas. So I couldn't actually meet him... You get the idea.

Q. Are you looking forward to the Doctor's appearance in Series 3 of The Sarah Jane Adventures?
A. I really shouldn't be a fan of SJA (I'm sixteen, for goodness' sakes!) but I am, just because it's DW related. I dislike the obvious children's-television-ness of it all: the exaggerated acting, the more obvious plots etc. Still, I love it. How could I not?

Q. Anything else you'd like to add before you go?
A. Yes. Anyone out there who can travel in time, please tell me whether the series 4 specials will be released together as a boxset, or whether it's safe to start buying them separately. Thanks!