Fan of the Month
October 2009
October 2009: Stewart

Q. First off, how did you become a Whovian?
A. After Outpost Gallifrey closed I decided to have a look around the net to see what other Doctor Who sites are around. I now regularly visit Doctor Who Online, Kasterborous and yourselves of course!

Q. The Waters of Mars is a matter of weeks away - excited?
A. Manic and rabid! In fact I think I just had a little accident. ;)

Q. What would you do if you had your very own TARDIS?
Well there's lots of things I would do of course but the first would obviously be rescueing all the missing 1st & 2nd Doctor episodes.

Q. Are you looking forward to Series 3 of The Sarah Jane Adventures?
A. Of course. Are you suggesting that there are some weirdos out there that aren't?

Q. Are you happy the Daleks will be back next year?
A. Most definitely. Doctor Who without Daleks is like the X-Factor without Simon Cowell, Ant without Dec, bacon without eggs, fish without chips. You get the idea. Mmm feel hungry now.

Q. If you got the chance to meet any of the Doctor Who cast or crew, who would you pick and why?
A. Billie Piper or Freema Agyeman. Why? I'm a man. You do the math. But I'd love to meet David Tennant too. In the words of the ninth Doctor, David is "FANTASTIC!" 

Q. "He will knock four times..." Any ideas?
A. Well its most likely refering to the Master but who knows, maybe its the return of Omega. Why? Well Omega appeared in seasons 10 & 20 of the original series and since the specials are all part of season 4 this is still technically the 30th season of the program. This is of course total speculation but hey its all part of the fun in the build up to these episodes.

Q. Anything else you'd like to say before you go?
A. Yes. After Ive rescued the missing episodes in my time machine I'd go forward in time so that I could watch the Waters of Mars, The End of Time and Matt Smiths debut episode. See you in the future!