Fan of the Month
December 2010
December 2010: Daniel

Q. First off, how did you become a Doctor Who fanatic?
A. Like all kids in Australia should have in the late seventies, I discovered Tom Baker each and every evening on the ABC. I made it my mission to disobey mothers orders and still watch the program despite constant nightmares featuring Daleks while needing to convince my father that the good Doctor was more worthy of viewing than the evening news. I did not win every evening but obviously enough for the passion to still be burning 30 years later. My mother bet me $100 at the age of 11 I would be grown out of it by 15. I spent my winnings on Doctor Who videos.

Q. Which past or present Doctor Who character do you relate most to and why?
A. Weirdly enough Barbara. Stubborn, self righteous and always trying to do the right thing even if the situation was not clear cut, a good idea or told straight out 'no'. She was a hero for girls before there were many on TV. And as I have just proven... a hero for boys too.. that woman was all class!

Q. A Christmas Carol airs this month! How excited are you on a scale from 1-10?

A. How could any Who fan be anything less than a 10!? The most exciting thing for me is that my 8 year old daughter had alwasy been aware of Doctor Who but it took fish fingers and custard to get her hooked! She sat down with me to watch 11 and his first outing and has fallen in love with the Doctor, Amy and more alarmingly Stone Angels! The thought of sitting down on Boxing Day (the fastest ever turn around for a Who episode in Oz!) and watching a Christmas special with her is something truly amazing! I would have loved to have had that as an 8 year old and through her I get to experience that joy. Truly magical!

Q. Are there any Doctor Who related items on your Christmas wish list this year?

A. Season 5 on Blu Ray heads the list for myself. The other great thing is having a child falling in love with Who means she has items on her list to Santa. The Nintendo DS game and 'Secrets Of the Tardis Book' will be coming down the chimney. There is something totally surreal about so many things now available for kids when as a child it was like prospecting for gold!

Q. If you thought 2010 was a big year, 2011 will see Series 6 of Doctor Who (and let's not forget Series 4 of Torchwood AND Series 5 of The Sarah Jane Adventures!) grace our screens. We'll finally find out the truth surrounding River Song, but who do you think she is?
A. I keep changing my mind. Wife was always the number one pick but with Moff how could one ever think he will be that obvious. Mother would be a nice twist but the Rani would be way to fanboy... plus he should know if she is a Time Lord... unless of course his mother is a human (thank you tv movie)... so how about we go with human step-sister. Just for the heck of it!

Q. Have you got any Doctor Who related New Year resolutions for 2011?

A. No matter how busy, crazy or insane life gets, to always find time for Who once a week. It always 'takes a nothing day and makes it all seem worthwhile'... to quote the Mary Tyler Moore theme tune. Sorry to anyone under 30... that will have gone waaaaay over your head.

Q. Would you say there's anything in your life that has been directly affected by Doctor Who?
A. My whole life has. The show instilled me with an idea of justice and genuine care for others. It taught me to look past appearances and not always just believing what we are told by those in charge. That it's ok to be a kid, even when you aren't one anymore. Who taught me to love life and smile. It taught me that everyone needs a hero, someone who will always be there with a wink and a grin. Someone who will always do what is right and never let you down. The Doctor has been that hero for me and even though he is but a character, I keep that character inside of me in the hope that the spirit and passion of what makes Who great will make me a better person. I truly believe I am a better person because of Doctor Who. And I am sure all of you out there do as well!

Q. Where/when would you go if you had your very own TARDIS and why?
A. Back to my 5 year old self to tell me to knuckle down and train harder at Football. Or perhaps to tell the Derby County board not to let Brian Clough leave... no!!!!!!! But seriously I would love to go back and meet Michael Jackson when he was a bit younger. An amazing talent who I would love to have got to know him even just for one conversation. Truly misunderstood and a child in a grown ups body. Was he a Doctor Who fan? He already had the main criteria covered!

Q. Anything else you'd like to add before you go?
A. Doctor Who is the most amazing, powerful TV show on the planet. Why? Because it has become so much more. Any show that has a lead character who is horrified because a soldier shoots a mutant pig, is truly something special. Each and every era is unique and has done so much for so many. The revival is a new chapter but an amazing one at that. After 30 years of age I could never have hoped to cry when 9 shed a tear for his people, when that poor pig was 'scared', when K9 and Sarah came back, Rose left, the girl in the fireplace had died, Donna forgot and when 10 didn't want to go. I never thought I would get to see the Doctor again, let alone have all of that and still more to come. Just writing these words makes the fire in me burn and me tingle with passion and excitement for this show I love. To all fans young and old... enjoy the Doctor because there is nothing else like him and never will be again. He is ours, he is yours, he is mine. He is my 8 year old daughters - Fantastic! Merry Christmas to all - and a Who-ppy New Year!