Fan of the Month
July 2010
July 2010: Kathryn

Q. First off, how did you become a Doctor Who fanatic?
A. I became a fan of Doctor who during the first episode of series 29 - Rose. I remember sitting on the sofa watching it but having to have the volume on quiet because my mum was asleep. As I have a phobia of wax work figures seeing the shop window dummies move scared me enough to wake her up as I screamed. I wasn't quite watching behind the sofa but watching behind a cushion. My mum wanted to turn it off as it scared me but I refused and I wanted to continue watching, she gave in and I have been an avid fan since then watching every episode on Saturday on BBC1, Sunday on BBC3 and on any other repeat I can find. Even though I own all the episodes if there are repeats on TV I will stop whatever I am doing and sit down to watch it. I also have two other memories which I think confirm my dedication to the show. It was my friends 13th birthday and her party included watching DVDs which happened to be Doctor Who. I sat on her sofa and everyone was laughing and talking over the episode about different things whilst I ignored them and spoke the lines at the same speed and time as the Doctor laughing because he even made the 'you think you know your own name, how stupid are you?' before Mickey even got into the TARDIS. My friends laughed but I ignored them trying to work out where the idea of a Slitheen came from, and how did Russell T Davies come up with the idea of destroying them, was it like the Doctor and he knew from the beginning how they could get out or was it more like Rose and not knowing until it happened. My other memory was my 14th birthday which was the same day as Evolution of the Daleks came out, I was very strict with my friends, the party would end at 6:15 so I could watch Doctor Who, they were welcome to stay but the first showing of Doctor Who is watched in silence. It was very much 'stay and shut up or go and talk' which was a phrase I put on the invite. If that doesn't make me a Doctor Who geek then I can't think of any other memory that confirms how much of a fan I am.

Q. What has been your favourite Series 5 episode and why?

A. My favourite episode is Amy's Choice. This is because it's an episode that seems to show life after the TARDIS and how Amy and Rory have coped without him, until we learn that something is wrong as the wake up in the TARDIS or in Upper Leadworth at the sound of birdsong. I love how the Rory is so happy about the dream but Amy doesn't seem so happy about it, still needing to run from the wedding for a bit longer. I love how I guessed early on that the Dream Lord was the Doctor but I kept contradicting myself as the story unfolded, maybe it was Omega or even the Valeyard. I enjoyed the bit where the old people said doctor and the Doctor thought it was him and then Rory spoke. I love Rory and I was happy that Rory had finally been able to be Amy's Doctor - something he had tried to be all his life. When he died I cried and I was with Amy in her sentiment - 'it can't be real, Rory isn't here'. However when they got into the van to commit suicide I was shocked that
they were able to show that on evening TV. Then almost straight after the Doctor drove the TARDIS into a 'cold sun' - an idea which is just brilliant - I was even more shocked. Yes it wasn't suicide because they lived but it was still a death. The only problem with the episode was the fact that it all happened because of a bit of dust, and the Doctor waved off the fact he was the Dream Lord in half a line. I did however like how he looked into his reflection on the TARDIS and saw the Dream Lord looking back at him.

Q. Which Doctor Who character do you relate most to and why?

A. I think the character I relate to the most is young Amelia Pond with Rory at a close second. I think I relate to Amelia the most simply because she waited all her life for the Doctor making up stories of his adventures during her life, she hasn't got the real thing so she will make it up. I loved how even though she hadn't met him at the end of episode 13 she still dreams of him and drawing the TARDIS. As I spend most of my time reading and writing doctor who fanfiction even though I have never seen the Doctor out of TV episodes and out of my dreams I can't help trying to work out what he would be doing in different situations. I also think I am like Rory simply because he is always trying to be like the Doctor but never quite getting there, he wanted to be a doctor but could only a be nurse. I am always trying to write stories and for them to be good enough for them to be on TV but falling short. They have both grown up knowing about the Doctor and using him to get hopes and morals in their life, he is their role model despite the fact that Amy has only met him once and Rory hasn't met him at all. I would love to be like the Doctor and he is one of my role models regardless of him being a fictional character.

Q. Where/when would you like to see the Doctor and Amy journey to in Series 6?

A. I would love to see Amy, Rory and the Doctor meet Queen Victoria again, it would be a comedic episode because the Doctor would have to pretend to be someone else and doing it better than 10 did and not lose the accent. I could imagine him being there while Torchwood was busy setting itself up and not being able to do anything about stopping them, it is something that has to happen. I can imagine Rory being the one to have to keep Amy from calling him the Doctor and telling everyone he was an alien, since he has been something that has been part of all her life since she was seven. I would also love to see an episode with Wilf when he was younger, he could cause Wilf to believe in aliens and start going to the hill. A third idea would be for the TARDIS crew to go the time of Arthurian legend as it is a time that not much is known about.

Q. Is there anything in your life that you would say has been directly affected by Doctor Who?

A. I would say most things in my life have been affected my Doctor Who, my bank account for a start. Apart from that I would say that I would say the thing that has changed the most is how people think of me - I have officially become a geek. Before I wasn't quite sure what kind of person I was, I was only 12 at the time, but it became something that defines me. Because of this I might not get along with everybody brilliantly but I have found an amazing bunch of friends who all enjoy the same things as me although not to the same level when it comes to some things, e.g. Doctor Who. I wouldn't say my taste in books has been directly affected by Doctor Who as I was already into fantasy books but it has amplified it.

Q. Are you looking forward to the new series of Torchwood? What are your hopes for it?

A. I am looking forward to the next series of Torchwood, not as much as the next series of Doctor Who, but still really excited by it. I want this series to be like Children of Earth, shorter and a lot darker. I hope that the level of writing matches the level that Doctor Who reached this series whilst still being Torchwood and not Doctor Who. I fear however that with a large guest cast that we are not going to get know Lois as she could have been a member of the team if Jack had found her before. I also want Gwen's child to be named after one of the dead members of the team and for us to see them and Rhys as well and Gwen and Captain Jack. I hope that this series will introduce us to new frightening monsters but with maybe a classic monster that has been remade. I would like for there to be a mention of Ianto, Owen and Tosh and not for Jack to shove them to the back of his mind like the Doctor does; because of this I don't want it to be too soon after Captain Jack leaves Earth and before he meets Alonso. This is because I don't want Jack to be flirting as much and for Rhys to give him a pep talk about how he is letting Ianto down by not living his life to the fullest.

Q. How will you be feeding your Doctor Who withdrawal symptoms between now and Christmas?

A. I am feeding my withdrawal symptoms by watching all my episodes from series 29 onwards as well as buying as many classic DVDs as possible and watching them as well. I am watching these episodes during Saturday night while the rest of my family watch whatever program has taken the 'Doctor Who Slot'. I am also going to be reading the books and getting the audio versions of classic episodes from the library. As well as gushing to my friends about Doctor Who I will be reading/writing fanfiction I am planning on letting myself forget that there are no new episode by reading and listening stories that are new to me.

Q. If you could change anything about the series, what would it be and why?
A. The only thing that I would change is River Song, why did the genius that is Steven Moffat design a character as annoying as her and why hasn't anyone just got a gun and shot her. I don’t like her as she upstages the Doctor too often and claims that the TARDIS shouldn’t make that noise, however I do like that even after that episode the Doctor ignored what she told him about the stabilisers and the hand brake enjoying the sound and the movement of the TARDIS too much to change it. I don’t like how she scared the dalek enough for him to ask for mercy. However I do like the idea that she meets the Doctor backwards, a brilliant idea but badly executed with the character. It is the only thing I dread about the new series is it sounds like we have to get to know the as an actual companion.

Q. Is there anything else you'd like to say before you go?
A. Just that Doctor Who is AWESOME and I love everything about it - baring River Song.