Fan of the Month
March 2010
March 2010: Ariel

Q. First off, how did you become a Doctor Who fanatic?
A. Well, I started watching when I was 12, but not until recently have I become an avid watcher and follower of all things Who.

Q. Which of the Doctor's companions do you believe you would get on with best?
A. Vislor Turlough, Rose Tyler and Sarah Jane Smith. Rose has a fun personality, and Sarah Jane can hold her own. Then again, both of these women have those attributes. Turlough is fun because he does not necessarily want to be there, and he hates Earth, which causes a funny tension no other assistant has with the Doctor.

Q. A brand new specially-shot Series 5 promo trailer was released last month. Thoughts?
A. It was FANTASTIC!!!!! I was running around like a crazy person. I think my mom is scared of me now... Oh well! Yay for geeking out!

Q. At the end of Journey’s End, Rose was finally given her happily ever after with the Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor. How do you think they’re getting on, and what does the future hold for them?

A. I'm sure they are getting on wonderfully. Duh, they are! I'm sure the future holds happyness, but who knows what crazyness will come!

Q. As a wedding present, the Doctor gave Donna a winning lottery ticket. What do you think she spent the jackpot on, and what would you buy if you were in her position?

A. She probably went on a shopping spree, but that doesn't really seem like Donna. Maybe she spent some of it on random stuff and put the rest away for a rainy day. I would put most of it away for college and keep some for myself. I do want one of those iPads coming out on April 3rd! (Ha, it's on the same day as the new series comes out!)

Q. Planet Earth is being invaded, but you’ve been given access to Project Indigo, a device which teleports the wearer to the place they most want to be. Where would it take you and why?

A. Into the Doctor's TARDIS, duh! But in all reality, probably on a tour of Europe or New Zealand. I'd want to go on a tour of Europe because I love that place! Plus that is where I come from and who knows I might find myself a cute foreign boy! New Zealand because it is so beautiful there. Also, there are a bunch of places I could go hiking, exploring, and not to mention snowboarding!

Q. It's official! The Eleventh Hour, The Beast Below and Victory of the Daleks are the first three Series 5 episodes. Do the titles make you tinkle with excitement?

A. The title 'The Eleventh Hour' is great! I love the punny, unpunnyness of it. Epic Who title! 'The Beast Below' kind of freaks me out and makes me really curious. And 'Victory of the Daleks' makes me want to throw my shoe at the telly. THE DALEKS CAN'T WIN!!!! *facepalm*

Q. Is there anything in your life that you would say has been directly affected by Doctor Who?
A. Well, I wouldn't have my best mate Ashley if it wasn't for Doctor Who. He brought us together through our love of the show, and now I have a friendship that will last for eons!

Q. Is there anything else you'd like to say before you go?
A. Thanks for considering me for Fan of the Month! Thanks for this awesome website to keep us Americans in the know! You guys rock!!!!