Fan of the Month
November 2010
November 2010: Monika

Q. First off, how did you become a Doctor Who fanatic?
A. simply watching it! I'm pretty young, so I 'only' qualify for the NewWho Generation, which honestly doesn't know much about the scarf-mania or why everyone runs towards stairs when there's a Dalek. I remember, when I saw my first Doctor Who episode back in 2005 (Rose) it left me with a smile on my face, just because the Doctor was smiling almost through the whole 45 minutes... it just got to me. Continuing watching the series, I somehow got suspicious: I haven't been much of a sci-fi person - and suddenly I'm all into aliens, spaceships and laser-gun fights? What's happening with me? But then, it's not what I've expected from sci-fi: The alien is a lovely, full-of-life-energy 'Time Lord' (what a great name for a species!), the spaceship is a wooden blue police phone box, which seemed to have infinite space inside (how cool is that!) and the laser gun is actually a thing called 'Sonic Screwdriver' (so it's technically a tool, not a gun). To sum it up, it was all so weird and extraordinary that it seemed to work with me. So I continued watching it and I really got captivated by the way of story-telling. There was something special about it, I could not describe and have never seen before. Every week, there was something different, something I could not predict, which honestly has become very rare on TV. And I remember how much I loved the Doctor/companion relationship. It just made me happy to see those two fantastic characters roaming the universe with a joy of life you just have to share. This pure positiveness made me tune in every week. Also the way they took care of each other in just the way they needed it. The Doctor and his companion, sharing everything: fun, excitement, fear, grief - a life dedicated to the other one's.

Q. If you had to sell the series to someone who's never heard of it, what would you say to convince them to tune in?

A. Three words: David Tennant's hair! But since Mr Tennant is not available to be admired as Time Lord anymore, there obviously must be something more about Doctor Who to make me adore it so much. Doctor Who is not like any other TV show, you might chose. It's more like the SHOW choses YOU! It's got the best effect if you're sitting on your cosy coach on a gloomy Saturday evening, zapping through the programms and suddenly there's this face appearing on screen - The Doctor! Just stay tuned for 3 minutes and you'll notice that a) you're smiling (yes you are...believe it or not) b) you've said 'WHAT'? at least one time, followed by an awkward pause of embarrassing silence, in which you realized you've just spoken to yourself/the TV screen and finally c) you feel like a child again ( a good way!) That's the effect of having someone telling you a good story, I believe. It takes you back to childhood, the age of curiousity and limitless fantasy. If someone actually is capable of making you really want to listen, making you so curious you can hardly bear it, then he has created something wonderful. And there's just no better story-telling then it is done with Doctor Who. Trust me!

Q. Which past or present Doctor Who character do you relate most to and why?

A. Tough one! Took me a while to answer it, but I go for little Amelia Pond. First I was attempted to say Martha as kind of a medical student sympathy bonus, but then that doesn't really define me. I think I am more like the girl, who's waiting, starring at the stars in astonishment, and yet (I consider this to be very important for Amy's character) moving on, growing up and coping with life, even if it's not the magical one she once dreamed about as a child. But never....never stopped wondering about them: those impossible blinking little dots in the sky.

Q. December is just around the corner, which means we don't have long to wait for this year's Christmas special! Are you looking forward to it?

A. No not at all....OF COURSE I AM!!! A Christmas Carol in space? Eleven's first Christmas? Plus a new song by Murray Gold and guest stars we can expect to be brilliant? COME ON!!! (and don't let me start about the SHARK!)

Q. In Series 6 we'll get to the bottom of the ominous Silence, and finally learn the truth about River Song. Have you got any of your own theories regarding the ongoing mysteries? What is the Silence? Who is River?

A. Here it comes the conspiracy question! Well...of course I do think much about those things. First of all I don't think River is a proper Time Lord/Lady, as many Whovians do. Even if she can fly the TARDIS and knows Gallifreyan, the Doctor doesn't sense her as a Time Lady, does he? Neither do I think she's his wife. At least not in the way we would expect it. (Come on, it's The Moff!! Can't be that easy) I do like the names though and I think there's something about it. Song - Silence, and then there's River - Pond (!). I like playing with those names and I really wish they've got something to do with the whole River Mystery, but sometimes I wish it's never gonna be revealed so I could wonder forever!

Q. Would you say there's anything in your life that has been directly affected by Doctor Who?

A. Let's see...I found the soundtrack of my life and won't go anywhere without it in my ears. I catch myself acting like the Doctor sometimes (Ten...yes it'll probably take a while to incorporate Eleven), I find myself on a weekend trip to London, just to attend Doctor Who Live, even if that means cheap youth hostel and no sleep for 3 days! (yes it was worth it) and last but not least, I dare to say I discovered a part of my identity, following the careers of Russell T Davies/The Moff, Murray Gold and David Tennant and by that defined my taste of what I call art. (You can also say I found my taste in all kinds of writing and acting arts, music, and handsome men!)

Q. Where/when would you go if you had your very own TARDIS and why?
A. I think I'd like to visit all those worlds in stories I loved so much as child/still love today. Yes, maybe they exist somewhere/some time, because, if there's an infinite number of parallel universes, literally everything exists, right? And I'd definitely try this cool space-floating thing Amy did in The Beast Below. What a magical moment that was! Space it!

Q. Have you tried fish fingers and custard yet? Be honest!
A. No! but only because I'm a vegeterian, which is the only accepted excuse for a Whovian, I guess!

Q. Anything else you'd like to add before you go?
A. Hmm..pretty much said everything, didn't I? I assume people stopped reading at some point anyway. If not, here's one more thing: The moment I noticed that this 'TV Show' does something good to me, I was standing alone in the dark in the open countryside of my little village. (walking the dog) I was a bit down and in a what's-it-all-about mood (yes, young people do have that moments now and then...remember?) I breathed the fresh air (annoyed that my dog didn't hurry up) and I randomly looked above. And there they were: stars! silver blinking, huge and shiny beautiful stars! And suddenly it struck me: The Beauty of the Universe. We're starring into eternety and yet we can't see anything but those shiny little dots of burning gas. I thought of the Doctor and Rose. And I smiled.