Fan of the Month
October 2010
October 2010: Bob

Q. First off, how did you become a Doctor Who fanatic?
A. My step father introduced me to it at the age of 3, in 1993. I have watched at least 3 episodes a week ever since. The first episode I owned was The Two Doctors.

Q. One of the biggest mysteries to hit the Doctor Who universe in recent years is the true hidden identity of River Song. Who do YOU think she is?

A. I have three theories as to who she is. Number one is she is Romana III. Second is that she is the Rani, but has turned good. The third is that she is the Doctor's mother, which is why she knows his name.

Q. What were your Series 5 highlights and why?

A. "Would you care for some tea?" What would you not love about a Dalek saying that? Some friends of mine used to say random, non-Dalek things in Dalek voices for a laugh, so I loved that one line. I also loved the continuous throwbacks to the classic series and Doctors in the series.

Q. Have you tried fish fingers and custard yet? Be honest!

A. YES! It's not as bad as you think.

Q. Which of the Doctor's companions (1963-2010) do you relate to most and why?

A. Turlough. I connect to him in the sense of going along for the ride without really wanting to be there, and yet just when it ends, I don't want it to stop.

Q. Would you say there's anything in your life that has been directly affected by Doctor Who?

A. I try to live my life like the Doctor would if he were a human. I try to keep control of my violent tendancies, and get revenge by making the other perosn do it to themselves without them realising.

Q. Halloween is fast approaching! Will you be doing anything Doctor Who related for the season? A themed party, perhaps? Mabe you're going trick or tricking dressed as your favourite character or monster? Share the scare!

A. Well I would dress as the Master but I dont want to get arrested for impersonating a politition! And lets face it, would you talk to someone at your door who is saying, "I am the master, and YOU will obey me"?

Q. If you had your own TARDIS, when/where would you go and why?
A. 22nd November 1963, huston texas, and shout "duck". But seriously, I would go into the future so I can see how mankind has progressed, and also to see how i will be remembered, if remembered at all.

Q. Anything else you'd like to add before you go?
A. "There are worlds out there where the sky is burning... wait, this has been said before!"