Fan of the Month
July 2011
July 2011: Sharon

Q. How and when did you become a fan of Doctor Who?
A. I was born at the dawn of the series in 1963, and I can remember watching it as a child growing up. I became a full fledged Whovian with the reemergence of the Doctor in 2005. I own all the DVDs and watch it every week, as well as Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures. I have created costumes for Halloween and now for Comic Con this year. My husband will be the 10th Doctor and I am going to be River Song. Bless her for making being an "adult" woman sexy! We have all the sonic screwdrivers here at our home and we built a snow TARDIS for the "Where's the TARDIS?" contest which was featured in one of the commercial breaks. My two children are Whovians so I have passed the obsession on to the next generation. My first memories of Doctor Who are from growing up in New York, where we watched it on PBS in the 1970s. Tom Baker was the Doctor then. I believe my first episode was the Genesis of the Daleks. I reignited my love for the Doctor in 2005 when the show began a fresh.

Q. We're now in the middle of the mid-Series 6 break. Do you like the new format? What are you doing to keep your withdrawal symptoms at bay?
A. I love the format this year. It took a little while to get over my David Tennant withdrawal, but now I love Matt Smith and his quirkiness. To keep my withdrawals at bay I am going to Comic Con in San Diego to meet Matt and Karen! I can't wait!

Q. Aliens are invading Earth and, as a UNIT officer, you've been given special access to the top secret Project Indigo, which teleports you to where you most want to be. Where does it take you?
A. Honestly to Comic Con right now. I can't wait! If it was a normal day, I would say the Doctor Who Experience is where I'd want to spend my last hours on Earth, before going with them to their home planet!

Q. How'd you think you'd fair as the Doctor's companion? Would you look danger in the eye or run away and hide in the TARDIS when things get too scary?
A. I would look danger in the eye! Watch out River, I'd give her a run for her money! You only live once, experience everything as if it were your last hours on Earth.

Q. Which incarnation of the Doctor would you get on best with and why?
A. That's so hard. I guess I'd have to say David Tennant. I adored his intelligence and passion. They are all so much a part of the past ones it's hard to choose. I love them all!

Q. The Doctor has invited you on board the TARDIS and you're in charge of the destination. Where/when would you choose to go and why?
A. To the end of the universe. I want to see the farthest reaches of space and time. I want to adventure to places where the Doctor has never even gone beyond imagining!

Q. Torchwood's back this month! From what you've seen of it, how it's looking?
A. So far I love it! Jack is back and hotter than ever! Seriously, does that man not age!? I am excited to see if this new challenge is going to create a whole new team worthy of Jack's leadership and ability to save the planet form danger!

Q. Is there anything in your life that has been directly affected by Doctor Who?
A. Everything. I have met so many people with common interests and, dare I say obsessions, because of my love for the Doctor, and sci fi in general. It is an entire community of like minded interesting beings who rule the planet Earth for the time being.

Q. Last but not least, is there anything else you'd like to add before you go?
A. This is the best possible time for me because of all the opportunities to actually meet the stars of Doctor Who and, of course, John Barrowman. My life would be complete if I were chosen to be the fan of the month and I could die happy! Thanks for considering me. YOU ROCK!