Fan of the Month
March 2011
March 2011: Megan

Q. How and when did you become a fan of Doctor Who?
A. My favorite show used to be Primeval, another British sci-fi show similar to Doctor Who. BBC America made their Doctor Who previews seem interesting. I remember one of the first ones I saw was Silence in the Library with the Tenth Doctor, and thinking how exciting it looked. So I went online and watched Series 1 episodes 1-5. The first episode I watched was Rose, and I fell in love with the Doctor when he said "Fantastic!" for the first time in front of the London Eye. Since then it's been a blast!

Q. The Doctor has made a TARDIS load of friends in his time. Which of his companions - past or present - would you get on best with and why?
A. Rose Tyler, definitely! Her mother and Mickey were never too fond of her traveling with the Doctor, and I feel the same is with my family. They'd prefer that I didn't know the Doctor and stay home doing other things. Like Rose Tyler, she abandoned her drab and boring life for one of adventure! Also, she endured so much heartache and pain, but she never EVER gave up in her quest to gain the most out of life! I also admire her for not being afraid to fall in love with an alien hundreds of years older than her!

Q. Imagine you're 7 years old and the TARDIS crash lands in your back garden. Would you pack up your things (don't forget your teddy and toothbrush!) and run through the doors for a new life of adventures, or hide under your duvet and wait for the mysterious blue box to disappear?
A. I would be out the door before you could say "Allons-y!" Of course, I would want to check it out first, make sure the strange man was safe, but as soon as he would open the doors, I would be his companion without a doubt!

Q. Series 6 begins next month! What are your hopes for the Doctor's new adventures? Is there anything in the trailer that particularly intrigues you? Who do you think River Song is?
A. I am so excited for Series 6! The pirates, the English Soldiers, the sadistic looking dolls, the Ood, Rory and Amy's new married life... I can't wait to find out what the Silence is and how the end of Series 5 will be explained! I think River Song is Romana. She traveled out of E-Space after the Time War and has been trying to find the Doctor, without letting him notice her. When she actually does reveal her identity, I wonder what the Doctor's reaction will be... He desperately needs another Time Lord(Lady) in his life since he lost the Master.

Q. Would you say there is anything in your life that has been directly affected by Doctor Who?
A. Oh everything! Even the way I think! I have a white pair and a black pair of trainers that I wear nearly every day, a watch that goes around my neck that I pretend to be a 'fob' watch, and a key necklace, just in case I need to use it someday! The Doctor has taught me to love, be courageous, fight for what's right, and not be afraid to have the most fun in life that you could possibly have.

Q. The Doctor, Amy and Rory will be back on our screens this month for two short adventures made especially for Red Nose Day. Are you looking forward to the mini-eps?
A. Yes definitely! It will be interesting since this will be Matt, Karen and Arthur's first! I am wondering how there will be two Amy Ponds.

Q. Last month it was confirmed that a new online multiplayer Doctor Who game called Worlds in Time will be launching worldwide in the autumn. What do you think of the news? Will you be checking it out?
A. Sounds like fun! I haven't heard of it before now. I guess I will have to check it out!

Q. We've also got Series 4 of Torchwood and Series 5 of The Sarah Jane Adventures to look forward to this year. Will you be tuning in?
A. Yes! I don't get Sarah Jane Adventures but I will be watching both online! Can't wait to see Jack again - feels like it's been too long!

Q. Finally, is there anything else you'd like to add before you go? Perhaps you've visited the new Doctor Who Experience or just want to say 'Geronimo'?
A. Yes it's true, you CAN trust your Doctor, and I definitely will be this April 23rd! GERONIMO!