Fan of the Month
November 2011
November 2011: Marie

Q. So, tell us how you become a Doctor Who fanatic.
A. From watching the Peter Cushing movie, through all the classic Doctors, and passing along the idea of Doctor Who to the next generation! My 20+ son is now a fan.

Q. Christmas is coming! We've been told that this year's festive special is a "magical and mysterious" adventure set during World War II. Thoughts?
A. Of course it would be magic. A blue box bigger on the inside that goes anywhere in any time and shows the wonders of the universe. With children no less.

Q. What were your highlights of Series 6? Will you be buying the boxset when it's released this month?
A. Yes, I will be buying the Blu-Ray set. The highlights were the Doctor, worrying quietly about his friend Amy, the Gangers, showing how we judge others, sometimes rashly and unwisely, and what really makes us human. And fixed points in time, and how we determine our own future and what we are willing to do to save the universe.

Q. Have you played The Gunpowder Plot yet? If so, what did you think? Is it the best Adventure Game yet?
A. Not yet. I live in the States. I love the historical connection though.

Q. Which of the Doctor's companions would you say you most identify with and why?
A. Rose and Amy. Both young, not knowing too much of the world at first, but evolving into fierce, protective, and not-shy women.

Q. 2013 will be a big year for Doctor Who, as it turns 50 years old! How would you like to see it celebrated?
A. A multi-doctor special, and perhaps the special leading into a multi-Doctor mini-series. Movies are great, but one-time things. Specials and mini-series' last so much longer.

Q. What is your most prized Doctor Who related possession and why?
A. The Murray Gold soundtrack believe it or not. I studied classical piano and that music is inspiring for all manner of daily activities... writing, working. Amazing.

Q. Is there anything in your life that has been directly affected by Doctor Who?
A. Becoming a problem solver, seeking solutions, and always seeing the world with wonder And being able to talk about Who with my son and his friends!

Q. Finally, is there anything else you'd like to say before you go?
A. I am older than so many fans, not really geeky at all. But I love good stories and good characters. Doctor Who is forever.