Fan of the Month
October 2011
October 2011: Callum

Q. Firstly, how did you become a fan of Doctor Who?
A. I remember walking to school when I was 7, telling my dad that there was this new programme called Doctor Who. My dad perked up and said that he used to watch is when he was a teenager. He was, and still is, really enthusiastic about The Sea Devils. So, that Saturday, we sat down to watch Rose. I was right infront of the TV, gasping as the Autons were about to kill Rose. Then... "RUN!" Chris Eccleston took Rose and ran. Then I knew everything would be alright and I kept watching, amazed by the "living plastic" and Henley's getting blown up. I haven't missed an episode since!

Q. Series 6! Now that it's over, what did you think of it as a whole? Loved it? Hated it? Random thoughts and observations?
A. I felt this was a much stronger season than last year, and Moffat has definitely left his own mark on the show. Matt Smith was on fine form this year and MUST have converted virtually all die-hard Tennant fans by now! Matt pitched the perfect balance between seriousness and humour, and of course, this is also down to the excellent pool of writers this year, who brought a lot of variety. We've had Steven Moffat's racy, comlicated, yet engaging romps with Silence and River Song. We've had Neil Gaiman's wonderful episode with the TARDIS becoming human, and then Tom Macrae's beautiful insight into Amy and how the Doctor ruins lives. A creepy hotel, a scary block of flats, an odd pirate ship and some weird Flesh all added to the mix, you have an amazing series! My favourite moments from each episode:
1) River and the Doctor anticipating what the other is saying in the Oval Office, when the Doctor is restrained. Also, the explanation for the three names the girl gave was clever!
2) That stand off between the Doctor and the Silence, followed by the well directed fight with River.
3) Definitely Avery's grief when his son was taken by the Siren. Well acted by Hugh Bonneville.
4) So much to choose from! Perhaps it was seeing the old control room from Tennat's tenure, or Idris' crazy first meeting with the Doctor, or the Doctor's anger when he discovers that the Time Lords are actually all just distress boxes, or when Amy sees illusions of Rory throughout the TARDIS corridors...I can't choose!
5/6) The cliffhanger. Amy. Was. Fake. And. Pregnant. Nothing more to be said!
7) River telling the Doctor how far he's come since he first set out - that was a character defining moment for both of them.
8) The Sherlock-esque scene where the Doctor thwarted River's killing attempts.
9) Amy and the landlord being turned into dolls. That was very creepy indeed!
10) Again, a very difficult choice as Karen and Arthur gave their best performances so far! Maybe it's that beautiful, cinematic kiss between old Amy and Rory, with Rory Handbot infront. Or maybe it was the epic battle between the Handbots and the heroes at the end!
11) "Amy, you're fired" was funny, but the Doctor's desperation when trying to stop Rita from letting herself die was brilliantly played by Matt Smith.
12) "Metal rat, real mouth!" And of course, that amazing cliffhanger scene!
13) Impossible to choose. Really.

Q. Just focusing on the finale (The Wedding of River Song) now, were all of your questions answered? Do you think it was it a worthy conclusion?
A. I thought it was an amazing finale to end series 6. It had some amazing CGI in the opening scene, and I was not expecting the Teselecta to save the Doctor! Obviously, all the series' main burning questions were answered, such as River, how the Doctor survived, the wedding, the eyepatches and so on, but also threw up another intriguing question - what are the Fields of Trenzalore and why must Silence fall? All very interesting, and I can't wait to find out what the answers are!

Q. Which of the Doctor's companions would you say you most identify with and why?
A. Perhaps Adric (WHAT? you're thinking!). I am probably one of the cleverest in my year, but often don't get enough credit for it at school, where I generally get teased for being in the top set for everything. However, someone like Rory, I would certainly identify with. He has never lost faith in Amy or the Doctor even though she tried to get off with him, AND he keeps nearly getting both of them killed!

Q. Halloween is fast approaching! Will you be doing anything Doctor Who related to celebrate the season? A themed party, perhaps? Maybe you're going trick-or-treating dressed as a monster or alien from the series?
A. I go to boarding school, where unfortunately Doctor Who isn't thought of too highly. However, there is a small fanbase, and we are planning to start up a society dedicated to the show. If that happens, Halloween is probably destined to be a Doctor Who stuffed night, watching a couple of the scariest adventures!

Q. How would you like to see Doctor Who's 50th anniversary celebrated in 2013? A multi-Doctor special? A movie?
A. Definitely a multi-Doctor special! In fact, I'm actually writing my own script for 2013. Of course, it's virtually impossible that it will be read by the BBC, but nonetheless, I'm giving it a go, with the support of my Doctor Who obesessed drama teacher! My script features Silence, the fields of Trenzalore (which is actually a UNIT base), Daleks, Sutekh, Docs 8-11, Amy, Rory, RIver and Jack. We find out how 8 regenerates, and how 11 will finally fall, as well as Time War flashbacks and an insight into the Doctor's childhood on Gallifrey!

Q. Is there anything in your life that has been directly affected by Doctor Who?
A. I suppose some of my friendships to a certain degree. Many of my best friends all like Doctor Who too, both in school and out. I've been teased a lot at school about liking Doctor Who, but I've never let that change my opinion!

Q. The fifth and final series of The Sarah Jane Adventures is currently airing. Have you been watching? What are your favourite memories of Sarah Jane?
A. I have been watching Series 5, deeply saddened, of course, by Sladen's passing. However, I see Series 5 as the final great celebration of all that she has contributed to the worlds of Doctor Who and the SJA. She has entertained millions of children and indeed, adults, around the country, and broadcasting her final episodes is a wonderful was to remember her. I've also taken a liking to Sky. I feel the age difference between her and Clyde and Rani may be slightly awkward, but it also makes it easier for younger viewers to relate to her. I thought the Metal-man looked amazing in "Sky" and the plot was clever, albeit a bit similar to the whole plotline in Series 6 of Doctor Who! I look forward to "The Curse of Clyde Langer" and of course, will probably cry after the end credits of "The Man Who Never Was". As for my favourite memories, I'm not really sure. I certainly remember my dad buying me first Sarah Jane story, The Hand Of Fear, which was ironically her last regular appearance. Since then, she's always stood out as one of the stronger companions, for obvious reasons. As for the SJA, the moment when she realises that her parents kill themselves to save the day was a truly heartbreaking moment, which was beautifully played by Liz.

Q. Finally, is there anything else you'd like to say before you go?
A. I can't say Series 4 of Torchwood was great. It lacked pace and it took 7 episodes for any sort of alien to appear and then it was only for a couple of minutes.