Fan of the Month
January 2012
January 2012: Priscilla Fick

Q. Happy New Year! So, how did you become a fan of Doctor Who?
A. I absolutely adore the Doctor. I was introduced to him by friends of mine and immediately fell in love. I watched the episode "Rose" and soon after, I was so hooked, that I ordered the first DVD set with William Hartnell as the Doctor. "Give me the TV guide! Has BBC brought "Dr. Who" back yet?" This is a regular occurrence in our South African household. Needless to say, my heart is shattered when I don't see "Dr. Who" listed, but when I do, I am like a hyperactive child in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. I don't miss an episode. If I can't watch in the afternoon, I will set my alarm clock to watch the repeat which is around midnight our time.

Q. What did you think of The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe? How do you rate it against previous Christmas Specials?
A. It hasn't been aired in South Africa as yet, but the trailer I have seen on YouTube looks like it could be fun. The episode that was indeed aired in South Africa on Christmas Day was a great episode, capturing the true essence of Christmas, repairing family relationships, love and togetherness.

Q. Were there any Doctor Who related presents under your Christmas tree?
A. Indeed there were, my family and friends bought me two DVD boxsets (in both sets David Tennant is the Doctor, he is my favourite one!). I think Matt Smith must have a difficult time filling those shoes, although admittedly, he has made bow ties cool to me! I have also bought myself Torchwood - I love the fact that a superb series like Dr Who has equally good spin-off series. Well done BBC!

Q. 2011 was another fantastic year to be a Doctor Who fan. another massive year for the Doctor. What were your personal Doctor Who highlights?
A. Personally, one of my highlights has been to see the Doctor travel with a couple and his disguised robotic version marries their daughter.

Q. Last month it was confirmed that Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill will be leaving Doctor Who during the next series. Will you miss Amy and Rory?
A. While I haven't seen the episodes mentioned on Twitter about the end of Amy and Rory, it will be sad to see them go, but as with Rose Tyler and Martha Jones, they will always be remembered. I have enjoyed the fact that a couple of accompanied the Doctor on his adventures - it has made for a fun, interesting change. Believe me when I tell you that I was shocked to find our River Song was their child! At least the Doctor has great parents-in-law...

Q. Next year will be huge for Doctor Who, as the series will turn 50 years old! How would you like to see it celebrated?
A. I think the TARDIS should land at Buckingham Palace and take the entire Royal Family on an adventure!

Q. Is there anything in your life that's been directly affected by Doctor Who?
A. Yes! If everyone is at home in the afternoon when Dr. Who is on, there is an argument about who will have the remote, so I inevitably end up watching the repeat at close to midnight (which means setting my alarm), so my sleeping pattern has definitely been affected, but it is a small sacrifice!

Q. How do you think you'd fair as the Doctor's companion? Could you handle life in the TARDIS?
A. What a question! I would give my left arm to be the Doctor's companion. I would love to be able to travel in the TARDIS - it beats flying economy class I'm sure. So many places to see in and around space and time, and the TARDIS itself. If I could get such an opportunity, I would drop everything to grab it with both hands.

Q. Is there anything else you'd like to say before you go?
A. It would be good to see Jack Harkness again in an episode or two.