Fan of the Month
July 2012
July 2012: Jane

Q. So, how did you become a Doctor Who fan?
A. I became a fan of Doctor Who on the exact night it aired, 23rd November 1963. The way the characters Susan Foreman and the Doctor were portrayed back then to how we see the Doctor today is just so realistic. I have seen every minute of the show, from that first theme tune when the police officer stepped into that strange warehouse.

Q. Series 7 is slowly but surely on its way. Last month we discovered that the series opener is called Asylum of the Daleks. What are your hopes for the episode and seeing every Dalek EVER?
A. It's going to be strange to see the first ever ordinary Daleks in colour again! I remember the first time they appeared in black and white. It's going to be strange just to look back and see all the first generations. Back in the day, Daleks never were able to elevate, so I'm sure this episode will be full of pure evil and amazingly thought up plots for us to tie over for the entire series. I am more excited to see the first ever generation of Daleks. It just takes me back to the day!

Q. The Weeping Angels will also be back in the new series. Are you looking forward to seeing them again?
A. I'm as old as Doctor Who is nowadays and yet they still frighten me! My kids and I have to snuggle up because they become ever so frightened, although they are what make Doctor Who an action packed adventure. So I am excited to see them back on our screens at last.

Q. Amy and Rory will be leaving the TARDIS in Series 7. Will you be sad to see them go? What are your favourite memories of the Ponds in action?
A. Amy and Rory have been lovely companions and I've liked them very much, so t's going to be sad to see them go as after all these years. My best and favourite memory would be the episode that they got married, such pure imagination and a great build up in their relationship!

Q. Series 7 will feature returns, exits and new faces. At Christmas we'll be meeting the new companion, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman. What were your first thoughts when you heard the announcement of her casting?
A. My first thoughts of Jenna were that I think Doctor Who will now have a clean and new slate in it's life again, all thanks to her! Jenna is amazing. She has portrayed many characters very well such as in Waterloo Road or TV's Titanic, and I think her arrival in Doctor Who will make fans grow to like her! I think 2013 could be a great year for Doctor Who and Steven Moffat sure knows how to choose the right actors for the show.

Q. What did you think of the recent mini-episode, Good as Gold, filmed specially for the Olympics?
A. A very good Olympic themed episode! I loved the whole frizzly hair idea of the Doctor. It did make my kids chuckle! I also enjoyed that the torch got recognition because it's the most iconic object in Olympic History. I'm happy that Doctor Who played a part in the Olympics too!

Q. Although there has been a serious lack of Doctor Who on our screens so far this year, there's still plenty to keep us occupied, including the new PS3 game, The Eternity Clock, which was released recently. Have you played it? Have you been doing anything else Doctor Who related to keep your withdrawal symptoms at bay?
A. I bought the game for my son and he hasn't taken his eyes off it. He's told me that he's completed in over 3 times! I also had a go at escaping from the Daleks which brought me back to their first episode. I've been buying some of the classic episodes of Doctor Who on DVD and it really makes me feel old. I've quite a passion for the 80s because Tom Baker was always my favourite Doctor, so I've been re-watching Doctor Who from the beginning.

Q. Would you say there is anything in your life that has been directly affected by Doctor Who?
A. Well, my love for Doctor Who has passed onto yet another generation. My kids are obsessed! My husband even built them a small TARDIS shed outside for them to play in. I haven't seen them come out of it since.

Q. Is there anything else you'd like to say before you go? Any theories for the new series? What about your hopes for next year's 50th anniversary? Share 'em below!
A. Long live the Doctor! Doctor Who?