Fan of the Month
June 2012
June 2012: Tommy

Q. So, how did you become a Doctor Who fan?
A. It may be interesting for you to know that I have only JUST became a Doctor Who fan. I've only ever seen Matt Smith's episodes as the Doctor but yet, I have learnt so much about it now that the TARDIS seems like a library in my head, and the Doctor visits a library... Yikes.

Q. A TARDIS load of Series 7 news has come to light recently, and we've also been treated to the first trailer! What are your first impressions?
A. Well, I like an old Wild West adventure, so I'm for sure going to like this one! The adventure looks gripping, heart pounding and jaw-dropping, I am awfully frightened of monsters and the one that I saw in the trailer almost wants to make me jump behind the sofa and wait for the Doctor to rescue me.

Q. Amy and Rory will be bidding farewell to the TARDIS in Episode 5 of the new series. Is the time right for them to depart, and will you be sad to see them go?
A. It's sad that they're leaving to me as I've only just got use to having them around. They're definitely Doctor Who's best companions, in my opinion. I hoped they'd stay for the anniversary of Doctor Who in 2013.

Q. In their final adventure they'll be facing the Weeping Angels, and the Daleks will also be making an appearance at some point in the new series. Are you looking forward to seeing their returns? Which other familiar foe are due a comeback?
A. I'm PETRIFIED of both these monsters. Now that I know they're coming back I'm going to be far too frightened to turn on the TV! But I suppose I'm a little excited to see the Daleks more than the Weeping Angels because as you know, Doctor Who is new to me, therefore seeing "every Dalek ever known" in this episode should be BRILLIANT! I also love the name of the episode entitled 'Asylum of the Daleks'. Very well thought from Steven Moffat! It just wants to make you wonder what the Daleks are plotting against the Doctor this time. If I could say what monster I'd like back, it'll have to be the Silence! They were the most scariest monsters from Matt Smith's era so far. To have them back in Series 7 will sure keep the show flowing to a great 50th anniversary.

Q. The TARDIS won't be empty for long after the Ponds have left, as the Doctor will be meeting a "very different" new companion at Christmas. She'll be played by Emmerdale and Waterloo Road star Jenna-Louise Coleman. Are you pleased with the casting choice?
A. I never knew Jenna Louise Coleman until watching the remade TV version of Titanic. This was the only opportunity for me to consider her as a good actress and companion for the show and I'm pleased to say I think she will make Doctor Who the most revolutionary, tense and most exciting show to watch on television! I think she'll probably change Doctor Who in a certain way that viewers might actually like the series because it's less about a marriage and relationship drama and more about action and adventure!

Q. Speaking of companions, how do you think you would handle life in the TARDIS? There's an awful lot of running to do!
A. I think I'd take a chance to travel EVERYWHERE with the Doctor. My most favourite century I'd love to travel to is the Victorian times, watching some of the adventures after a while that were set in this era has made me always wonder how amazing it could be to see a world with no cars, no television, no video games, just having the ability to live your life in the fresh air outside playing pebbles with children. And, of course, if a monster did turn up, I'd be running straight to the TARDIS and grabbing any possible weapon. I'm the feisty type of companion, like Captain Jack!

Q. Next year Doctor Who will reach a huge landmark as the series turns 50 years old! How would you like to see the big event being celebrated?
A. Why, a multi-Doctor story of course! I've never in my life seen any Doctors on TV other than watching Matt Smith OR seeing a few David Tennant episodes. It would be interesting for me because I want to keep the past of the Doctor out of the way till the 50th because of all the things there and then I could learn! I'd like to see all 11 Doctors, and I'd like to see the greatest and most feared monster of all time be the one that battles each of them, or perhaps get an enemy from each Doctor's era to battle other Doctors from another era! How interesting that would sound.

Q. Would you say there is anything in your life that has been directly affected by Doctor Who?
A. Well, I've only known the TV show Doctor Who for at least six months and I have to say it's already made me want to write scripts, stories, create my own characters for the show and I've even made my own TARDIS interior. If it wasn't for Doctor Who, I'd have to say that my life wouldn't be as adventurous as it's only just become.

Q. Is there anything else you'd like to say before you go?
A. Give me a Dalek any day. I'm sure I'll be the one crying "Exterminate!" and not the Dalek.