Fan of the Month
May 2012
May 2012: Alison

Q. So, how did you become a Doctor Who fan?
A. I'd liked it since 2005, and I was paying a bit more attention from Series 5 onwards, as I liked the cast a lot. Then the opening of The Impossible Astronaut hooked me further. I got into it a little bit more through Series 6, and then A Good Man Goes To War came on, and I got totally addicted at River's big reveal. Then, of course, I had the three-month-break to let my new obsession grow. I rewatched all the episodes, and by the time Let's Kill Hitler aired I was well and truly stuck on Doctor Who. And in the 11 months since I've never looked back!

Q. A TARDIS load of Series 7 news has come to light recently, and we've also been treated to the first trailer! What are your first impressions of the adventures to come?
A. When I first hear Series 7 news I'm too excited to be coherent, but then I calm down. I think it's going to be the best series yet. I'm particularly excited for the every Dalek ever episode, and for the Weeping Angels one.

Q. Amy and Rory will be bidding farewell to the TARDIS in Episode 5 of the new series. Is the time right for them to depart, and will you be sad to see them go?
A. I do think it's time for them to go. Although they are brilliant and I'll miss them so much, they've had the longest run and the best story arc of any New Who companion so fa. Like they've said in interviews, the show's about change. I will be sad to see them go, but I think I'm really going to like the new companion. I'll just remember them as fantastic.

Q. In their final adventure they'll be facing the Weeping Angels, and the Daleks will also be making an appearance at some point in the new series. Are you looking forward to seeing their returns? Which other familiar foe are due a comeback?
A. I'm really looking forward to seeing the Angels again. I honestly think they're one of the most terrifying Doctor Who monsters in history. And it's always good to see the Daleks, as we'll be refreshed after having a break from them this series. Ideally, I'd like to see the Silence back. Their arc isn't fully done yet, and I think they're a brilliant creation.

Q. The TARDIS won't be empty for long after the Ponds have left, as the Doctor will be meeting a "very different" new companion at Christmas. She'll be played by Emmerdale and Waterloo Road star Jenna-Louise Coleman. Are you pleased with the casting choice?
A. Yes, I'm really pleased, because I've seen her in things before and she is really good. If Steven's account of her audition is anything to go by, she will be fantastic working with Matt. I'm just excited for her to start.

Q. Speaking of companions, how do you think you would handle life in the TARDIS? There's an awful lot of running to do!
A. At first, I'd be too in awe of everything to be much help! But then I think I'd get used to it - maybe not all the running though! I love talking so I'd give the Doctor a run for his money, I think, and I'd love to see the stars.

Q. Next year Doctor Who will reach a huge landmark as the series turns 50 years old! How would you like to see the big event being celebrated?
A. I'd really like a big in-character reunion with everyone who can - including Amy, Rory and Classic companions too. I definitely want Jack Harkness back for at least an episode, and I really hope River is there as well.

Q. Would you say there is anything in your life that has been directly affected by Doctor Who?
A. I've made a few friends recently who are massive Whovians, and that's been really fun, as we've got loads in common. I've also made my bedroom a lot more Doctor Who-related. I've got posters and DVDs and it's a lot of fun.

Q. Is there anything else you'd like to say before you go?
A. I think Doctor Who is the best show on television, spanning all genres, and long may it continue!