Fan of the Month
August 2013
August 2013: Bérénice

Q. First off, how did you become a Doctor Who fan?
A. I first met the Doctor on a Belgian channel four years ago, not long before it got cancelled here. I didn't like the 15 minutes I saw, but FanArts, almost a year later, made me give the show another chance. And I did love it. I watched every episode of the new series available, suddenly wanted a sonic screwdriver and going to Britain to learn English.

Q. The big news of the month is Peter Capaldi's casting as the Twelfth Doctor! Are you happy with our new Time Lord?
A. Yes, a lot! At first not really, because I immediately thought of his character in Torchwood and couldn't imagine him as the Doctor. Then he got announced live, he talked and... I forgot Frobisher. I put my trust in him. He's got the thing. Oh boy, he's gonna be awesome. Let's give him a chance!

Q. A new Doctor is on his way in which means we'll soon be saying goodbye to Matt Smith's incarnation, in all his bow tie wearing Fez loving glory. Will you be sad to see Eleven go?
A. Yes, he's my Doctor and I think he could have done one more season.. I'll miss the actor and his Doctor, sure. But change is great too. We'll see Matt in many other movies and TV shows and the Eleventh Doctor will go on living in both our hearts! We have to move on, like we did for all the other Doctors.

Q. Before he hands over the keys to the TARDIS he'll be seen in November's movie-length anniversary special alongside David Tennant and John Hurt. What are your hopes for the landmark 3D special?
A. I just hope it will give us many moments of laughs, epicness, revelations and tears. I have no doubts it will be great. I'm not a Moffat hater. He's not perfect but I trust him on this very special episode.

Q. Which Doctor Who companion - past or present - would you say you relate to most and why?
A. None. Sorry for this disappointing answer, but it's true. I love every companions I've seen, some less, some more, but I never really related myself to any of them.

Q. What's your most cherished piece of Doctor Who merchandise that you own?
A. Oh, good question! It's not really a merchandise. It's a postcard of the Tenth Doctor, signed by David Tennant. But it's a quite special one to me. In two years I only showed it to my friends on Facebook and on a French David Tennant forum where not many people saw it... I didn't want to show off. I went to see him in Much Ado About Nothing and left a basket of Belgian specialities for him at the stage door.

Q. The Doctor Who Experience recently celebrated its 1 year in anniversary in Cardiff! Have you visited the experience, or have plans to?
A. I did visit it in London for my 16th birthday two years ago! It was absolutely awesome, the best gift ever! I really enjoyed going there, it was a kind of dream come true.

Q. Would you say there is anything in your life that has been directly affected by Doctor Who?
A. Oh, yes. Many things. I accepted my passions and myself. I met awesome new friends. I went to the UK about ten times because I became interested in this beautiful country. I really started wanting to learn English by myself, which I did. My clothes style is almost Doctor Who related, I'm always wearing t-shirts about the show. In fact, since I met the Doctor, my life and my way of seeing myself completely changed. I owe Doctor Who so much.

Q. Finally, anything else you'd like to say before you go?
A. Whovians, you're all awesome. Keep talking about Doctor Who around you, spread the Doctor's story and give the opportunity to potential Whovians to become new Childrens of Time! And thank you WhovianNet for doing such a great job!