Fan of the Month
December 2013
December 2013: Chris Ewing

Q. Hi there! Let's start off by going back to the beginning. How and when did you become a Doctor Who fan?
A. While I am "relatively" new to the series from watching them on the CBC in my youth, I was introduced to the Doctor on a visit to the UK when I was 15.

Q. Doctor Who celebrated its 50th anniversary last month and at the heart of the celebrations was the spectacular special The Day of the Doctor. Did the episode live up to or even exceed your expectations?
A. Not only did it live up to my expectations, I am still watching it and finding little "things" that peak my curiosity. It has lead me back to may previous episodes (specifically the The End of Time where Doctor Whostarts mentioning things about the "Time Lords" and what they have done, or are about to do...). I have had to go back to the very first episodes and start watching them all again, making notes on points about things that have happened in the past, which are yet to come. It's a never ending cycle, but that's the basis of timey-wimey stuff

Q. The landmark episode was simulcast live in over 90 countries. Did you watch all the drama unfold from the comfort of your sofa or at a cinema screening?
A. At first, I and my wife (married 6 years now) were going to attend the screening at the theater. Due to the lack of information, planning, and availability of cinemas, the tickets that thousands of people thought they were buying for the simulcast were in fact for 5 hours afterwards. Cineplex did not indicate specific times for the the viewings as simulcast or later, and the official time of the simulcast was not mentioned in their information.A long story short, and two converstions by email with Abi Farhoudi, Manager of Guest Experience, National Operations Cineplex Entertainment Canada, it was determined that there were some shortcomings and that there would be changes made to ensure that the next time an event of this magnitude occur, that there would be a better process in place to avoid many of the problems that thousands of people experienced. If Cineplex were smart enough, they would have purchased the rights to view the upcoming Christmas Special. Bottom line is that my wife spent it at home with other friends that had the same issue and watched the 50th on Space.

Q. The future looks bright for the series following the events of the episode. What would you like the future to hold for the Doctor?
A. 1. The Doctor has a child, this would be an interesting series, if not and audio-series.
2. Bring the book series of Martha Jones to the screen. The time she was on her "quest" during the Master's rule had some great writing
3. The "Lost Episodes of the The Eighth Doctor". "Lost" only because it hasn't found it's way onto paper yet. This looks like it could be a gritty and unique Doctor that could be very different from the others.
4. "The Story of the Daleks" - We met them in the first episode and there has been a storyline that has evolved over the years that could be, at least, a movie or special of its own.
5. An episode/story of the "Consortium of Evil" from the point of view of the all of the "villians" when they came together to "trap" the Doctor in the "Pandorica".
As you can see, there are MANY ways the the Doctor can live on. There are, however, 2 things that MUST happen. 1. The Doctor's "lives" must be clarified and extended. 2. TORCHWOOD MUST RETURN, John Barrowman and all.

Q. December means we'll get to unwrap the now traditional festive adventure on Christmas Day but this one will be a bittersweet affair as we'll be saying goodbye to Matt Smith. Are you sad to see the Eleventh Doctor go?
A. Sad, yes. Also somewhat confused about the reasons why he has moved on. Aside from that, it is a celebration that the Doctor evolves and moves along. One would hope that while Peter Capaldi will bring his own style to the Doctor, he will also bring hope and a sense that things can be better, if we all tried a little harder.

Q. The Time of the Doctor will feature the first on screen appearance of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor. Are you looking forward to seeing Peter's portrayal of the iconic role?
A. As I recognize him from the Pompeii episode, it was only until I was reminded (wife knocked me over the head with a skillet type of reminder) that he played John Frobisher in all five episodes of Torchwood: Children of Earth. The character was done so very well, I just didn't realize that it was Peter. I have been watching The Thick Of It and seeing his role so I am now very excited to see him as the Doctor.

Q. How do you think a new Doctor will change the dynamics in the TARDIS? Do you think he and companion Clara Oswald get on like a house on fire...?
A. Clara has been introduced as a very smart, young, fresh companion. Don't take anything away from her. Let her character go in the direction it deserves. It may cause some sparks, but I feel that the Doctor needs someone to light him on fire from time to time and to put him in his place. I have to admit, Martha Jones and Donna Noble are my two favorite companions, mostly because of the attitude they bring. John Barrowman is a close third, but he BELONGS in Torchwood.

Q. Are there any Doctor Who related items on your Christmas list this year?
A. The War Doctor Sonic Screwdriver and the Doctor Who 11th Doctor's Flight Control TARDIS. I have everything else. Not that I have any screen prop replica quality items, they area little too expensive for me! We'll have to see if the new Doctor brings an ascot back to the world of Whovian fashion...

Q. Finally, anything else you'd like to say before you go? Oh, and Merry Christmas!
A. If we don't evolve as a species to be better, smarter, and overall kinder/peaceful in general, the future will be quite painful and bleak. I say to Peter Capaldi on his new journey: "Tulta munille".