Fan of the Month
October 2013
October 2013: William

Q. Firstly, how did you become a Doctor Who fan?
A. Back in around 2002, Australian TV station ABC would play a show every afternoon after school that I would not realise, until 4 years later, was Doctor Who! So I used to watch Doctor Who way back when I was 5! The first episode I remember clearly is The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, however the next story was Revenge of the Cybermen. Obviously they weren't played in order, which made it rather confusing...

Q. The 50th anniversary is getting closer. What are your hopes for next month's landmark 3D special, The Day of the Doctor and will you be watching it at home or in the cinema?
A. I'm really hoping we are given something that doesn't leave us dry and wishing for more. With 75 minutes to his hands, Steven Moffat should hopefully give us something that matches a Marvel movie! As much as it would be nice to see some Classic Doctors, Steven's dilemma of dialogue sharing is a pain that Terrance Dicks shared in The Five Doctors, so good on him for not killing himself with work. As for where I'll be watching it, I will be up bright and early for the simulcast as well as seeing it at cinemas!

Q. Matt Smith filmed his final Doctor Who scenes this month. Will you be sad to see the Eleventh Doctor go?
A. I do believe there shall be the need for multiple tissue boxes in my house! While I have watched all of the Doctors before Matt, his is the only Doctor of the new series that I've actually fallen in love with. As brilliant as Chris and David were, they jut felt like characters on the screen, whereas Matt Smith has created a Doctor that invites you to sit down and be enthused and excited in his timey-wimey antics. As Christmas approaches, I know that I shall absolutely miss our amazing mad man in a box!

Q. As one door closes another opens, of course, and this Christmas we'll unwrap the present of a brand new Doctor in the form of Peter Capaldi. Are you happy with our twelfth Time Lord?
A. Oh yes! The minute Capaldi walked on stage during the live announcement special, I knew it couldn't have been anyone else. As many have said, it's about time we had an older Doctor, which will hopefully remove the love and romance elements which don't belong between a 1,000 year old and a 20 something! Also, I can see we are going to get some good harks back to the Classic Series as Capaldi has said he read Classic scripts to prepare himself for the role. Ah, bring on Christmas!

Q. One of the big stories of the month has been the discovery of the nine missing Patrick Troughton episodes. Were you excited to hear a piece of Doctor Who history had been recovered?
A. Absolutely! Troughton has always been a favorite of mine so to have more of his stories to add to our collections is brilliant, especially as one of them is The Web of Fear! As Nicolas Courtney's first outing as the Brig, how could you not jump for joy? Plus, Pat's amazing double act in The Enemy of the World always left chills listening to the story, so to finally watch it is absolutely thrilling!

Q. Halloween is on its way! Will you be doing anything Doctor Who related to celebrate the season? A themed party, perhaps? Maybe you're going trick-or-treating dressed as a monster or alien from the series?
A. Sadly, living in Australia, Halloween isn't really celebrated here, however I'll be donning my Baker scarf and sonic screwdriver in my pocket all day, with Converse and a bow tie clearly on my lapel. Bit of a mash up!

Q. What's the most cherished piece of Doctor Who merchandise that you own?
A. This is such a tricky question for someone who owns ridiculous amounts so... top 3? My Eleventh Doctor DVD remote, Big Chief's Amy Pond figure and, best of all, my copy of Remembrance of the Daleks, signed by Sylvester McCoy himself!

Q. Would you say there is anything in your life that has been directly affected by Doctor Who?
A. My girlfriend was absolutely gained through Doctor Who and Twitter. Having tweeted much about Doctor Who, she tweeted me about it once and off we went. And I suppose Doctor Who and its merchandise is the reason I'm constantly moneyless!

Q. Finally, anything else you'd like to say before you go?
A. I love your work and effort you put in to giving us such current news and reviews for everyone on such a global scale so well done! Oh and never regenerate please, you're brilliant!