Fan of the Month
September 2013
September 2013: Evan

Q. Firstly, how did you become a Doctor Who fan?
A. Let's see. I became a Whovian in 2010. My father wanted us to watch this sci-fi show he had found. Starting from "Rose", I was astonished. Time travel had always been one of my favourite genres, but the BBC had done this so amazingly well! The Doctor was eccentric, smart, funny and he liked bananas. Bananas are good. As time moved on, it kept getting better. Better special effects, better plots, better Doctors. Well, maybe not that last one. After all, how do you pick a favourite Doctor?

Q. The big news of the moment is Peter Capaldi's casting as the Twelfth Doctor! Are you happy with our new Time Lord?
A. I was not a big follower on this. After all, all I wanted was a Doctor. A good Doctor. So, once I found out it was Peter Capaldi, I knew he would be great. He's been given great remarks by Matt Smith and Steven Moffat, he is Scottish (7th and 10th were both great Doctors), and he is much older than his predecessor, so it will be harder for writers to make up love stories that ruins the loneliness of the Doctor's character.

Q. A new Doctor is on his way in which means we'll soon be saying goodbye to Matt Smith's incarnation, in all his bow tie wearing Fez loving glory. Will you be sad to see Eleven go?
A. Yes. Yes I will. But I was sad when Ten and Nine left, right? Plus, the final journey is always the best for the Doctor. The most spectacular. The last time the Doctor can do something before he dies and changes. Bowties will always be cool. Fezzes will always be cool. Stetsons will always be cool. I'm hoping for a fantastic send off for the 11th Doctor. One better that David Tennant's "I don't want to go" and Christopher Eccleston's "So was I". "Geronimo"?

Q. Before he hands over the keys to the TARDIS he'll be seen in November's movie-length anniversary special alongside David Tennant and John Hurt. What are your hopes for the landmark 3D special?
A. I hope it covers all of my questions. I hope that everything that was mentioned is explained, e.g., who is the John Hurt Doctor? Which 10th Doctor is this, the real one or the meta-crisis? And will we see the Time War in detail? I just want the best special ever. Even if it is just an hour an fifteen minutes. Also, giant boots are cool.

Q. Which Doctor Who companion - past or present - would you say you relate to most and why?
A. I'd say Grace. She had a chance to go with the Doctor but didn't take it. I wouldn't either. I have Juvenile Arthritis, so all the running would be too much for me. I check out the TARDIS, talk to the Doctor, but I would never leave with him. Sure, it'd be cool, but that didn't stop Grace. She saw her life in front of her and walked towards it. She didn't see the Doctor in there. I wouldn't see him either.

Q. What's the most cherished piece of Doctor Who merchandise that you own?
A. My Eleventh Doctor sonic screwdriver of course! I say so because it was the first piece of Doctor Who that I got to have. It was great. I got it at Edmonton Comic Con in summer 2012. Now, it's not only a Doctor Who memory, but a memory of Comic Con and all its wonders. Four different noises, three buttons. What more could there be?

Q. September is Ninth Doctor month on WhovianNet. What are your memories of Christopher Eccleston's short but sweet tenure in the TARDIS?
A. Fantastic. Christopher Ecclestion's time in the TARDIS was fantastic. More that that, actually. If he had stayed for season two, and maybe three, he'd most likely be my favourite Doctor. The character had so much potential. So many great things happened in season one. Bananas, for one. Not to mention the Doctor calling him Ricky, and yes, "fantastic". I did wish he would be in the 50th, but sadly not.

Q. Would you say there is anything in your life that has been directly affected by Doctor Who?
A. Money. You see, if I hadn't spent all my money on Doctor Who merchandise, I would have had over $250 dollars by now. But instead, I have $25. The Doctor Who episodes on iTunes alone cost roughly $150, and along with the shirts, the screwdrivers, the Dalek, the bowtie and the Fez, I can't imagine the exact amount I would have had. Let's just say, "Yes, there is something in my life that Doctor Who changed. My wallet".

Q. Finally, anything else you'd like to say before you go?
A. Would you like a jelly baby? Also, I can't wait to see if I'm WhovianNet's 50th anniversary essay book!