Fan of the Month
June 2014
June 2014: Christina

Q. Firstly, how and when did you become a Doctor Who fan?

A. Back when my family and I actually had direct tlevision, I randomly browsed the channels and found Doctor Who when I was maybe around the age of 11 or 12. I can't quite remember, but I know I loved it, and still do. To this day, BBC America is my favorite channel.

Q. 2014 will be an exciting year for Doctor Who with a full, interrupted series featuring Peter Capaldi as our brand new Doctor! What attributes do you think Peter will bring to his incarnation of the iconic role?
A. I think Peter will be wonderful as the new Doctor! Yes, I will miss Matt Smith, but Peter will bring a whole new experience to Doctor Who itself, since the show has brought so much to the world already. Knowing little of Peter Capaldi himself, I actually believe his presence will make very exciting and unique. I can't wait to open my eyes to the new Doctor!

Q. And what do you think of his costume? Described as "sharp, smart and stylish", does our new Doctor dress to impress?
A. Yes, I would say so. It's a good look for him, and his character role. I wouldn't give him a different costume unless he was going for a different idea for his role.

Q. Samuel Anderson will be joining Series 8 as a new recurring character called Danny Pink. Are you looking forward to welcoming a new addition to the TARDIS or do you think three's a crowd?
A. Sometimes three can be a crowd, but it all depends on who you're putting in the TARDIS. I am looking forward for this new experience, but also I am worried if the two characters, with the Doctor, will be good or bad for the fans of today, and of the previous season. Some only like the Doctor, while others judge the new season by the companions. I, on the other hand, enjoy the show, and share my feelings equally without hating the show if something was unappealing in my perspective. I love every decision the producers make and any other people who are a part of creating Doctor Who.

Q. 2013 was a fantastic year for Doctor Who as fans around the world celebrated half a century of adventures in space and time. What special memories will you cherish from the show's momemtous 50th anniversary year?
A. Sadly, I was not able to watch the 50th anniversary special episode. I am unable to watch television since we don't have any cable or network. The only copy at the library is Blu-ray and I am unable to play it. But what I will cherish most about the show is all the hurt and adventures that the Doctor has gone through. Also, the fun the cast members have gone through when they were filming.

Q. If you could own one prop from the series, what would it be and why?
A. This is a very good question. A lot would argue over the TARDIS and the sonic screwdriver. Some will even argue K-9, but to me, I would love to have the TARDIS. K-9 would be a good thing to have, but it represents Sarah Jane Smith's show more than Doctor Who. So overall, I would love to have the TARDIS, because it represents Doctor Who more.

Q. Would you say that there is anything in your life that has been directly affected by Doctor Who?
A. I've fangirled more than I would ever believe. I've been introduced to British TV which is amazing to watch. I've met so many people that I can socialize with and I'm a very shy person, but I wouldn't be if I ever saw the Doctor. If I had never found Doctor Who, I would probably be a quiet, shy, lonely child that wouldn't be living her life to the full.

Q. What would you say is the BEST thing about being a Doctor Who fan? It's a toughie, we know!
A. A very big toughie! I guess it would be being taken on a journey through time and space with the show and meeting new types of actors and actresses that I never knew about.

Q. Anything else you'd like to say before you go? Any passing remarks? We've heard them all...
A. Well, just keep it up, I guess. Never stop making them. You're fantastic. Geronimo!