Fan of the Month
October 2014
October 2014: Antonia

Q. First off, how and when did you become a Doctor Who fan?

A. I had seen an episode with David and thought, "This is very good, let's see another one!" So I did it and I loved that one too, and so on... Now I am a huge fan. And do you know why? Because I really love every episode's background message about humanity and society. And I love the way that the writers bring out our own fears but always provide a great solution which is sometimes comforting, sometimes touching or heartwarming, but every time it's awesome. This is the reason I've become a Whovian.

Q. We're already approaching the end of this year's epic series. What have been your highlights of the Twelfth Doctor's adventures thus far?
A. My all time favourite episode with the Twelfth Doctor so far is 'Listen'. I loved it. Why are we afraid of the dark? And why do we think there is something under the bed? These are big questions which everyone has asked. The ending was absolutely surprising and Clara's speech was very touching. I really loved it. 'Time Heist' and 'The Caretaker' were also brilliant. 'Time Heist' was exciting and I hope we will meet Psi and Saibra again in the future. 'The Caretaker' was a nice episode for me.

Q. A new series means a brand new story arc and there's been an interesting one developing around Michelle Gomez as the Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere, otherwise known as 'Missy'. Have you concocted any of your own theories about who she might be?
A. Of course I had deas, but after the last episode I gave up on them! "Clara Oswald has never existed." When I heard that line in the 'Dark Water' next time trailer, I was totally shocked. I only hope that Clara and the Doctor do not become enemies to each other. Clara is the impossible girl who was born to save the Doctor, and Missy has chosen her... She has chosen for what? Well, I am very curious what will happen to them. But if I had to say one thing, it would be that I can see some similarities between Missy and Madame Kovarian. Perhaps Missy has also been training Clara to kill the Doctor?

Q. Clara has spent this series juggling two worlds as she's been developing a romance with Danny, played by Samuel Anderson. Do you think Mr Pink's a good match for the impossible girl?
A. Yeah, he's a nice guy. I think he would be good in Clara's everyday life, but I don't think she could ever leave the Doctor. She has seen so much with the Doctor. I don't think I could leave him.

Q. 2013 was a fantastic year for Doctor Who as fans around the world celebrated half a century of adventures in space and time. What golden memories will you cherish from the show's momemtous 50th anniversary year?
A. I've made some new friends from other countries who have also seen this show and we can talk about it and many other things. But I have always wanted a Sonic Screwdriver, so getting one for the 50th anniversary would've been a good memory.

Q. The spooky season of Halloween is once again upon us. What would you say is the scariest episode of Doctor Who to date, and why?
A. For me there were two really scary episode.s One is 'Blink' and the other is 'Silence in the Library'. 'Blink' s awesome because it was the first time we met the Weeping Angels and I was really scared. They are one of my favourite Doctor Who enemies. And then, the Vashta Nerada. What is in the dark? Oh, just the Vashta Nerada who eat meat and kill you if they touch your shadow... That was scary and funny.

Q. Is there any Doctor Who companion - past or present - that you particularly relate to?
A. It's difficult to pick only one, because every Doctor and his companion are absolutely great. I think the Tenth Doctor and Donna were a brilliant couple. I like Clara. She is so nice and sensitive and human. She and the Doctors (Eleventh and Twelfth) are so adorable together. I like River Song, too. I hope she'll come back again one day. And Strax! He is so funny.

Q. Describe what being part of the Doctor Who fandom means to you in 12 words or less.
A. "I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning fangirl."

Q. Finally, is there anything else you'd like to say before you go?
A.Yes. I would like to say thank you to everyone who has ever made something for this brilliant show. I am thinking about the actors, actresses, writers, directors, etc... Thank you all! And let me also take this opportunity to say that Peter Capaldi is an excellent choice for the Doctor. I like him very much, and I think he is absolutely great in the role. I wish him a lot of great episodes.