Fan of the Month
May 2015
May 2015: Elaine

Q. First off, how and when did you become a Doctor Who?
A. I became a fan in the 70s with Tom Baker and K-9, although I was too young to remember the plots as I was born in 1974. I grew up watching it and really fell in love with it because of K-9. I watched it on and off, depending on when my Dad allowed it to be put on, but I stopped watching it during the dark years, as did everyone. I wouldn't have known it was back in 2005 if my daughter, who was then 14, hadn't told me, and I've been re-hooked ever since, catching up on all the Classic episodes I've missed. I'm glad I did because it's exciting, emotional and, most off all, addictive.

Q. If you could have one prop from the set of the series, which would it be?
A. Hard one, but probably the Twelfth Doctor's coat, or a life size Dalek!

Q. Doctor Who will return to our screens this autumn and we've already been told some exciting teasers about what the Twelfth Doctor's new adventures will have to offer. What are your main hopes for Series 9 and are you excited that it will include more two-parters?
A. I'm glad it will return to a more Classic Series feel as I have felt that some of the recent storylines have been a bit rushed, although I'm impatient so I don't like cliffhangers! It will fill us with anticipation, though, which will make us and new fans keep watching to find out what happens next. I hope to see the return of River this series as she and the Twelfth Doctor would be fantastic together, and it would also tie up the remaining loose ends. I'm glad we'll have new monsters to fight, too, and I'm excited to see Osgood again, whichever version she turns out to be. My main hope, of course, is that it will be as emotional and scary and as dramatic as always!

Q. Series 9 will introduce us to Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams as a mysterious new character who looks set to "challenge the Doctor in unexpected ways". A younger version of Clara, perhaps? Maybe she's (another) incarnation of River Song? Or somebody completely new?! Let us know any weird and wonderful theories that you've concocted...
A. I haven't really come up with any unusual thoughts regarding Maisie's character yet, although I think she will be another adversary that foils the Doctor's plots like Missy. Maybe she's a new incarnation of the Rani?

Q. It won't just be new faces we'll be meeting in Series 9. Missy will be back with an almighty vengeance in the two-part opener, The Magician's Apprentice and The Witch's Familiar, and Clara Oswald will also be sticking around after Jenna Coleman changed her mind about leaving at Christmas. Steven Moffat has teased that a "complicated" journey awaits the impossible girl, but what do you think should lie ahead for her in the new series?
A. I'm really excited about how the relationship between the Twelfth Doctor and Clara will develop in Series 9. I haven't seen them filming much together this season, which could suggest that it will be a lot more Doctor-based like the Classic Series. I hope Steven Moffat explains how the Master transformed into Missy after escaping Gallifrey as that's one of the biggest plot holes that still needs to be tied up.

Q. It's also been confirmed this month that Osgood will be returning in Series 9... and she's bringing the Zygons back with her! Were you excited to find out that we'll be seeing her again? There's definitely something fishy going on, though, since, you know, she's supposed to be dead and all...
A. I'm very excited about her coming back and I can't wait to see the Zygons again. It's science fiction, after all, so anything can happen. Maybe the Doctor has found a cemetery that reincarnates the dead? Who knows, but it's gonna be a great story!

Q. There was great news for Torchwood fans this month as it's been confirmed that John Barrowman will be reprising his role as Captain Jack Harkness for a brand new 6-part audio adventure! Produced by Big Finish, the series will explore the impact that a mysterious event has on the team. Initial thoughts?
A. I will have to save up to get this, but I'm determined to. Torchwood is fantastic and it should have never ended on TV. I like the way it ties the two shows together and hopefully one day it will be back on our screens where it belongs.

Q. The Doctor once visited a hotel which had a room for every visitor that contained their deepest, darkest fears. What would be in your room?
A. Maggots, or fear itself. I hate dark rooms because you're not in control of anything. Actually, the worse thing would be no room at all, just a door with a 100 ft drop. Now that would be scary!

Q. Finally, is there anything else you'd like to say before you go? Any passing remarks? We've heard them all...
A. Just that I really can't wait for Series 9. I'm uber excited so please hurry up and come back to our screens! I miss that Scottish accent of yours, Doctor. Oh, and can you film in London a bit more, please? I would like the chance to meet you! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to become Fan of the Month.