Fan of the Month
February 2016
February 2016: George

Q. First off, how and when did you become a Doctor Who fan?
A. 26th March 2005, watching Rose! I've been hooked ever since!

Q. After much speculation, it was officially confirmed last month that Steven Moffat will be stepping down as Doctor Who's showrunner at the end of the next series, to be replaced by Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall for Series 11 (and beyond) in 2018. What was your initial reaction to the breaking news?
A. Well (and please excuse the censored language here), to coin a phrase Capaldi would say in In The Thick of It, "F£@&idy bye, Moffat!"

Q. The dramatic development unfortunately means that there will be no full series of timey-wimey adventures this year (boo!), with only the now traditional Christmas Special to look forward to in December. How do you plan to get through this dreaded Doctor Who gap year?
A. Comics, repeats and, of course, Big Finish!

Q. There are also ongoing rumours that Peter Capaldi will be leaving Doctor Who alongside the Grand Moff at the end of Series 10. Do you think three years at the helm of the TARDIS would be enough for his incarnation of the Time Lord, or do you want him to stick around for Series 11 to help ease the show's transition into the Chibnall era?
A. I really want him to stick around because the writing has really limited Capaldi's era. He really needs a bit of time to develop with a better writer.

Q. We've definitely got the Twelfth Doctor for one more series at least (hurrah!), and there's lots to look forward to as it'll introduce his brand new companion following the departure of Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald at the end of Series 9. There's no news as to who will be stepping aboard the TARDIS yet, but who would be your perfect companion and why?
A. Someone who breaks the mold of fiesty Earth-based women under 30 from London. We need a wider variety after having the same thing every year since 2005!

Q. Speaking of perfect companions, which of the Doctor's past BFFs would you get on best with?
A. Probably Harry Sullivan. What a nice and polite guy! Maybe Liz Shaw, too. I think she's got simikar personality traits to me.

Q. We've also Patrick Ness' new spin off, 'Class', to look forward to this year. Set in Coal Hill School, the 8-part series will follow the lives of a group of students whose lives are turned upside down by the terrifying prospects of growing up... with added monsters! Are you looking forward to this extension of the Whoniverse?
A. I'll withhold judgement until we at least know who's going to be in it!

Q. If you had just one chance to travel anywhere in time or space, where would you choose to go and why?

A. Ancient Greece. It's amazing to think that such a civilised society existed so long ago. Oh, and I might get the chance to fight some Minotaurs too!

Q. Is there anything else you'd like to say before you go?
A. Thanks for taking the time! I love your site, especially its interactions with the fans.