Fan of the Month
March 2016
March 2016: John-Michael

Q. How did you become a Doctor Who fan?
A. I started watching the revived era on Netflix back in 2013 and finished the whole thing in a month or two. Now I'm watching through Classic Who!

Q. Things are pretty quiet on the Doctor Who front at the moment with the recent announcement that Series 10 - to be Steven Moffat's last as showrunner - won't hit our screens until NEXT spring. What was your initial reaction to the breaking news?
A. I was, and still am, feeling heartbroken. The wait until next Spring already feels like an eternity.

Q. With only the now traditional Christmas Special this December to tide us over until 2017, how do you plan to get through this dreaded Doctor Who gap year? It's like 2009 all over again!
A. Classic Who, Big Finish, comics, repeats, and fan fiction!

Q. There are also ongoing rumours that Peter Capaldi will be leaving Doctor Who alongside the Grand Moff at the end of Series 10. Do you think three years at the helm of the TARDIS would be enough for his incarnation of the Time Lord, or do you want him to stick around for Series 11 to help ease the show's transition into the Chibnall era?
A. I don't think that three years is enough. I really want Capaldi to stay for Series 11. I want to see how Chibnall can write for Capaldi's Doctor. Peter Capaldi is a breath of fresh air for Doctor Who and I want him to stay as long as possible!

Q. We've definitely got the Twelfth Doctor for one more series at least (hurrah!), and there's lots to look forward to as it'll introduce his brand new companion following the departure of Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald at the end of Series 9. There's no news as to who will be stepping aboard the TARDIS yet (though their announcement "just around the corner", apparently!), but who would be your perfect companion and why?
A. My perfect companion would be Emma Watson. She's such a great actress and she'd be great in the TARDIS.

Q. Speaking of perfect companions, which of the Doctor's past BFFs would you get on best with?
A. I would get on best with Donna Noble. She's extremely sassy and full of spirit. You just want to be best friends with her!

Q. It won't be a completely Doctor Who-less year, of course, as we've still got Patrick Ness' new spin off, 'Class', to look forward to. With filming starting next month, are you looking forward to this latest extension of the Whoniverse?
A. I am so excited for Class. Finally we get another spin off! I really hope Ian Chesterton or Susan Foreman can have cameos!

Q. If you could have one prop from the set of the show, which would it be?

A. If I could have any prop, it would definitely be a the Twelfth Doctor's TARDIS prop.

Q. Is there anything else you'd like to say before you go?
A. I would like to say thank you to everyone working on Doctor Who and the people at WhovianNet. Doctor Who has made such a big impact on my life, soI would just like to say thank you.