The Doctor Dances (Part II)
Series 1 Episode 10
The Doctor and Rose form an alliance with con-man Captain Jack, but find themselves trapped in the abandoned hospital with the Child's zombie army on the march. The answer lies at the bombsite, but time is running out.
Script Extract


THE DOCTOR paces, thinking. JACK is lying on one of the free beds, relaxed, hands clasped behind his head. ROSE is looking in horror and pity at the GASMASK CREATURES.

ROSE Why are they all wearing gasmasks?

JACK They're not. Those masks are flash and bone.

She cranes a little closer to look at one, slumped on its bed - an old man. The tufts of grey hair are growing directly from the leather of the mask.

THE DOCTOR How was your con supposed to work?

JACK Oh, you know, simple enough. Find some harmless piece of space junk, let the nearest Time Agent track it to Earth, convince him it's valuable, name a price. When he's paid fifty per cent up front, oops, a German bomb falls on it, destroys it forever. He never gets to see what he paid for, never knows he's been had, I buy him a drink with his own money and we talk about dumb luck. The perfect, self-cleaning con.

THE DOCTOR (looks at him, disgusted)
Yeah. Perfect.

  • Part two of a two-part story.
  • 'Captain Jax' was a working title for this episode.
Memorable Quotes
  • Rose: Doctor, I've heard that voice before, when we first arrived.
    The Doctor: Me too.
    Rose: Always 'are you my mummy?', like he doesn't know. Why doesn't he know?
  • Rose: You've got moves? Show me your moves!
  • The Doctor: I've travelled with a lot of people, but you're setting new records for jeopardy-friendly...
  • The Doctor: We're calling him Captain Jack now?
    Rose: Well. His name's Jack, he's a captain...
    The Doctor: He's not really a captain, Rose!
    Rose: You know what? I think you're experiencing captain envy.
  • Rose: What's keeping us safe?
    The Doctor: Nothing.
  • The Doctor: Everybody lives, Rose. Just this once! Everybody lives!
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