The Parting of the Ways (Part II)
Series 1 Episode 13
Rose Tyler has faced danger and seen wonders alongside the Doctor, but now their friendship is put to the test as Earth plunges into an epic war. With the human race being slaughtered, the Doctor is forced into terrible action. Will the time travellers ever be reunited?
Script Extract

And the pain doesn't matter now, as he looks at her.

It means I'm gonna change. And I won't see you again. Not like this. Not with this daft old face. And before I go...

ROSE (upset)
Don't say that.

THE DOCTOR Rose, before I go, I just want to tell you. You were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And d'you know what? (big smile) So was I.

Beat. And this his head arches back - he convulses, as though every muscle is tense - still standing, arms splayed out. FX WIDE SHOT: orange energy EXPLODES out of his skin! Strong, like a blast of steam, of lava, though the clothes stay untouched, energy funnelling out of the neck of his jumper, out of the sleeves of his jacket -

Rose staggers back, feeling the heat, though she can't look away -

FX SHOT: CU his head, though now there's no head, just a fountain of energy, pouring up -

CU Rose, staring, scared, but fascinated -

FX SHOT: CU the Doctor. As the energy streams away, fades, revealing a brand new man, still wearing the same old clothes. He blinks, shakes his head, then is completely normal.

THE DOCTOR Right then. There we are. Hello! Oh, new teeth, that's weird. Okay, so where was I? Oh that's right -

  • Part two of a two-part story.
  • Russell T Davies decided to leave Jack on the Game Station to let Rose have to come to terms with the Doctor's regeneration by herself.
  • An alternative ending for this episode was filmed which featured the TARDIS scanning Rose and the monitor reading 'LIFEFORM DYING'. This scene was originally going to be shown to the press before transmission to hide the Doctor's regeneration, but the scenes were cut from the preview tapes after Christoper Eccleston's exit was leaked.
  • The Italian title for this episode is 'Padroni dell'universo', which translates as 'Masters of the Universe'.
  • David Tennant's short scene at the end of this episode was filmed months after Christopher Eccleston's regeneration sequence. Only a small group of crew were present, and not even Billie Piper was on set. Instead, a piece of sellotape was used as Billie's eyeline so David knew where to talk to.
Memorable Quotes
  • Lynda: The fleet's descending. They're bombing whole continents. Europa, Pacifica, the New American Alliance. Australasia's just... gone.
  • Male Programmer: I only here 'cause of you. Joined the Programme 'cause you were on it.
    Female Programmer: Am I supposed to say, when this is all over, and if we're still alive, maybe we could go for a drink?
  • Captain Jack: See you in hell.
  • Rose: You remember, when dad died, there was someone with him? A girl. A blonde girl. She held his hand. You saw her from a distance, Mum, you saw her! Think about it. That was me. You saw me!
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