Tooth and Claw
Series 2 Episode 2
The Doctor and Rose travel back to Scotland in the year 1879, when an encounter with Queen Victoria and a band of Warrior Monks reveals a deadly trap, dating back centuries. Perhaps the local legends about a werewolf could really be true?
  • The title of this episode is a reference to Lord Tennyson's 1850 poem In Memoriam A.H.H, which features the line "Nature, red in tooth and claw".
Memorable Quotes
  • Host: And so begins the Empire of the Wolf.
  • The Doctor: I'm Doctor James McCrimmon, from the township of... Balamory.
  • Queen Victoria: I am not amused.
  • The Doctor: And I'll tell you something else. We just met Queen Victoria!
    Rose: Oh, I know! She was just sitting there.
    The Doctor: Like a stamp!
    Rose: I want her to say 'we are not amused'. Bet you five quid I can make her say it!
    The Doctor: Well, if I gambled on that, it'd be an abuse of my privileges as a traveller in time...
    Rose: Ten quid?
    The Doctor: Done!
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