Rise of the Cybermen (Part I)
Series 2 Episode 5
The TARDIS is trapped on a parallel Earth and Rose discovers that he father is still alive, but sinister forces are at work, and British society is being prepared for the Ultimate Upgrade. An old enemy of the Doctor's is about to be reborn.
  • Part one of a two-part story.
  • This episode features the return of the Cybermen, last seen in the Seventh Doctor story, 'Silver Nemesis', in 1988. In this adventure, they're from a parallel world and are starting from scratch.
  • The BBC set up an unofficial website for Cybus Industries at http://www.cybusindustries.net/.
Memorable Quotes
  • Cyberman: We have been upgraded.
    The Doctor: Into what?
    Cyberman: The next stage of mankind. We are Human.2.
  • Cyberman: You are inferior. Man will be reborn as Cyberman, but you will perish under maximum deletion. Delete, delete, delete, delete!
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