Series 3 Episode 10
In an old abandoned house, the statues wait. And when Sally Sparrow starts to recieve a series of cryptic messages from a mysterious stranger called the Doctor, she soon realises that she holds the key to defeating the Weeping Angels.
  • This episode is the second 'Doctor-lite' story of the revived series (the first being Love & Monsters). This concept was designed to allow two episodes to be shot back to back.
  • This is the first Doctor Who episode to have a female director since The Sixth Doctor story 'The Mark of the Rani' (1985).
  • The official website's 'Fear Factor', which marks each episode based on its scare factor out of 5, scored this episode with a 5.5 - off the scale.
Memorable Quotes
  • Billy: Life is short and you are hot!
  • Kathy: What did you come here for anyway?
    Sally: I love old things. They make me feel sad.
    Kathy: What's good about sad?
    Sally: It's happy for deep people.
  • Old Billy: It was raining when we met.
    Sally: It's the same rain.
  • Larry: "The angels have the phonebox". That's my favourite, I've got that on a t-shirt!
  • Billy: Where am I?
    The Doctor: 1969. Not bad as it goes. You've got the moon landing to look forward to.
    Martha: Oh, the moon landing's brilliant! We went four times. Back when we had transport -
    The Doctor: Working on it!
  • The Doctor: Yeah, listen, listen, gotta dash... things happening. Well, four things. Well, four things... and a lizard.
  • Sally: You're not looking at the Angels...
    Larry: Neither are you.
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