Daleks in Manhattan (Part I)
Series 3 Episode 4
Its Thirties New York and, in the midst of the Depression, people are disappearing off the streets. But as Savage Pig Men hide in the sewers, at the very top of the Empire State Building, the Doctor's oldest enemies are at work, preparing their most audacious plan yet.
  • Part one of a two-part story.
  • This episode features the return of the Cult of Skaro, made up of Dalek Sec, Dalek Caan, Dalek Jast and Dalek Thay, who were last seen in Doomsday.
  • The Daleks appearing in Series 3 was heavily speculated following Dalek Caan's emergency temporal shift at the end of the second series, but it wasn't well recieved by fans when the BBC confirmed in late December 2006 that their return would take place so soon after their appearance in Doomsday.
  • This is the first Dalek episode of the revived series that doesn't feature their infamous catchphrase 'Exterminate!'
  • A popular tagline which fans and the press picked up on during the week of this episode's broadcast was 'Sec's in the City', a reference to the popular American sitcom, Sex in the City.
Memorable Quotes
  • Dalek Sec: The Daleks must evolve. Evolve! Evolve!
  • The Doctor: They survive. They always survive, when I lose everything!
    Tallulah: The metal thing? What was it?
    The Doctor: It's called a Dalek, and it's not just metal. It's alive.
    Tallulah: You're kidding me?
    The Doctor: Do I look like I'm kidding? Inside that shell there's a creature born to hate, whose only thought is to destroy everything and everyone that isn't a Dalek too. It won't stop until it's killed every human being alive.
  • Dalek Caan: We are the only four Daleks in existence, so the species must evolve in order to survive - a life outside the shell. The children of Skaro will walk again!
  • Martha: You can't just experiment on people. It's insane, it's inhuman!
    Dalek Jast: We are not human.
  • Tallulah: Hey, you're lucky, though. You got yourself a forward-thinking guy, with that hot potato in the sharp suit.
    Martha: Oh, he's not... we're not... together.
    Tallulah: Oh, sure you are! I've seen the way you look at him; it's obvious.
    Martha: Not to him...
    Tallulah: Oh! I should've realised... He's into musical theatre, huh? What a waste!
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