Evolution of the Daleks (Part II)
Series 3 Episode 5
Dalek Sec is reborn in human form and plans to build a Dalek empire in Thirties New York. While Martha fights for her life at the top of the Empire State Building, the Doctor must enter into an unholy alliance in order to change Dalek history for ever.
  • Part two of a two-part story.
  • The song playing on the radio at the start of the episode is 'Happy Days Are Here Again' by Milton Ager and Jack Yellen.
  • This episode continues the classic Doctor Who tradition of calling a Dalek story "______ of the Daleks". Other stories to follow this pattern are 'Remembrance of the Daleks' (1988), 'The Power of the Daleks' (1966) and 'The Return of the Daleks' (1964).
Memorable Quotes
  • Dalek Sec: You have betrayed me!
    Dalek Thay: You told us to imagine, and we imagined your irrelevance.
  • The Doctor: Daleks are bad enough at any time but right now they're vulnerable. And that makes them more dangerous than ever.
  • Dalek Jast: Request information; what is your opinion of Dalek Sec?
    Dalek Caan: We were created to follow him.
    Dalek Jast: But you have doubts?
    Dalek Caan: Affirmative.
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