The Family of Blood (Part II)
Series 3 Episode 9
War has come a year in advance as the terrifying Family continue their hunt for the Doctor. But while John Smith refuses to accept his true destiny as a Time Lord, the women in his life, Martha and Joan, have to take terrible measures to save the whole of history.
  • Part two of a two-part story.
  • Executive producer Russell T Davies expressed fears that this episode was too dark for the show's younger audiences.
  • The poem the vicar is reading at the memorial service at the end of the episode is 'For the Fallen' by Laurence Binyon.
Memorable Quotes
  • Son of Mine: We are the Family of Blood.
  • Jenny: He didn't just make himself human... He made himself an idiot.
    Baines: Same thing, isn't it?
  • Son of Mine: Headmaster, sir; dood evening, sir; come to give me a caning, sir? Would you like that, sir?
  • John: You're this Doctor's companion, can't you help? What exactly do you do for him, why does he need you?
    Martha: Because he's lonely.
    John: And that's what you want me to become?
  • Baines: War is coming. In foreign fields, war of the whole wide world, with all your boys falling down in the mud. Do you think they will thank the man who taught them it was glorious?
  • John: I'm John Smith, that's all I want to be, John Smith. With his life, and his job, and his love. Why can't I be John Smith? Isn't he a good man? Why can't I stay!?
    Martha: But we need the Doctor.
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