Turn Left
Series 4 Episode 11
Donna's entire world collapses, but there's no sign of the Doctor. Instead, she finds help from a mysterious blonde woman - a traveller from a parallel universe. But as Donna and Rose Tyler combine forces, are they too late to save the whole of creation from the approaching darkness?
  • This episode marks the anticipated return of Billie Piper as Rose Tyler, last seen in Doomsday. Her comeback, which was planned ever since she left, was set up with a series of short cameo appearances in Partners in Crime, The Poison Sky, and Midnight.
  • This episode was referred to by the production team as "the cheap one". As a result, the majority of the CGI shots are reused from previous stories (the Titanic, the Adipose, the burning sky, etc...)
  • Filming for this episode was 'double-banked' with Midnight.
Memorable Quotes
  • Fortune Teller: Tell me your fortune, lady. The future's predicted and your life's foretold!
    Donna: Oh, no thanks.
    Fortune Teller: Don't you want to know if you're going to be happy?
    Donna: I'm happy right now, thanks.
    Fortune Teller: You've got red hair. The reading's free for red hair!
    Donna: All right then.
  • Fortune Teller: What are you!? What will you be!?
  • Rose: I've been pulled across from a different Universe, because every single Universe is in danger. It's coming, Donna. It's coming from across the stars and nothing can stop it.
    Donna: What is!?
    Rose: The Darkness.
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