The Sontaran Stratagem (Part I)
Series 4 Episode 4
Martha Jones summons the Doctor back to modern-day Earth, but an old enemy lies in wait. With the mysterious ATMOS devices spreading across the world, Donna discovers that even her own family is not safe from the alien threat - but is it too late to save them?
  • Part one of a two-part story.
  • This story marks the return of Martha Jones, last seen in Last of the Time Lords.
  • This story also features the Sontarans, last seen 'The Two Doctors' (1985).
  • The final stages of post-production were completed on this episode just one week before it was transmitted.
Memorable Quotes
  • Donna: Doctor...
    The Doctor:
    Ah, just in time! Come on, we're going to the country. Fresh air and geniuses! What more could you ask for?
    Donna: I'm not coming with you. I've been thinking... Sorry, I'm going home.
    The Doctor: Really?
    Donna: I've got to.
    The Doctor: Well... if that's what you want. It's just a bit soon. I had so many places I wanted to take you. The fifteenth broken moon of the Medusa Cascade, the lightning skies of Cotter Palluni's World, the diamond coral reefs of Kataa Flo Ko. Thank you. Thank you, Donna Noble, it's been brilliant! You've saved my life in so many ways. You're... you're just popping home for a visit, that's what you mean?
    Donna: You dumbo!
    The Doctor: ...and then you're coming back?
    Donna: Do you know what you are? A great big outer space dunce!
    The Doctor: Yeah...
  • Sontarans: Sontar-ha!
  • Martha: Doctor, it's Martha. And I'm bringing you back to Earth!
  • The Doctor: Martha, Donna. Donna, Martha. Please don't fight. I can't bear fighting!
    Donna: You wish. I've heard all about you. He talks about you all the time!
    Martha: I dread to think...
    Donna: No, no, no. He says nice things. Good things. Nice things. Really, good things.
    Martha: Oh my God, he's told you everything.
    Donna: Didn't take you long to get over it, though. Who's the lucky man?
    The Doctor: What man? Lucky what?
    Donna: She's engaged, you prawn!
    The Doctor: Really!? Who to?
    Martha: Tom. That Tom Milligan. He's in paediatrics. Working out in Africa right now, and yes, I know... I've got a doctor who disappears off to distant places. Tell me about it!
    Donna: Is he skinny?
    Martha: No, he's sort of... strong.
    Donna: He is too skinny for words. You give him a hug you get a paper cut!
    The Doctor: Oh, I'd rather you were fighting!
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Doctor Who Series 4, Volume 3

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