Silence in the Library (Part I)
Series 4 Episode 8
One hundred years ago, the Universe's greatest Library was sealed off with only a cryptic warning as explanation: "Count the shadows." However, it now appears that the shadows are on the move again, and the Doctor and Donna must uncover the terrible truth behind the Nodes and the horrifying Data Ghost to uncover the Library's haunting secret.
  • Part one of a two-part story.
  • Like 42, the transmission of this episode was pushed back by a week because of the BBC's coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest. A 'coming up' trailer was released in between the break, previewing the remaining episodes of the series, focusing mainly on the return of Rose Tyler.
  • When this episode aired on 31st May, it was beaten in the ratings by the final of Britain's Got Talent on ITV1 (11.52 million).
  • The role of River Song was originally offered to Kate Winslet.
Memorable Quotes
  • The Doctor: I'm a time traveller. I point and laugh at archeologists.
  • The Doctor: You know what? This is the biggest library in the Universe. So where is everyone? It's silent...
    Donna: The library?
    The Doctor: The planet. The whole planet.
    Donna: ...maybe it's a Sunday?
    The Doctor: No, I never land on Sundays. Sundays are boring.
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Doctor Who Series 4, Volume 4

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