The Beast Below
Series 5 Episode 2
The Doctor takes Amy to the distant future, where she finds Britain in space. Starship UK houses the future of the British people, as they search the stars for a new home. But as Amy explores, she encounters the terrifying Smilers and learns a deadly truth inside the Voting Booth, learning a lot more about her imaginary friend in the process...
Memorable Quotes
  • Amy: My name is Amy Pond. When I was seven, I had an imaginary friend. Last night was the night before my wedding. And my imaginary friend came back.
  • The Doctor: This is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. All of it. Bolted together, and floating in the sky. Starship UK. It's Britain. But metal. That's not just a ship, that's an idea. That's a whole country. Living and laughing and shopping. Searching the stars for a new home.
  • The Doctor: We are observers only. That's the one rule I've always stuck to, in all my travels. I never get involved in the affairs of other peoples or planets.
  • Amy: I'm in the future. Like... hundreds of years in the future! I've been dead for centuries.
    The Doctor: Oh, lovely. You're a cheery one.
  • Amy: Bit unusual on a spaceship, bicycles.
    The Doctor: Says the girl in the nightie!
  • Amy: Oh, don't mind me. Never could resist a "Keep Out" sign...
  • Mandy: You sound Scottish.
    Amy: I am Scottish, what's wrong with that? Scotland's gotta be here somewhere...
    Mandy: No. They wanted their own ship.
    Amy: Hm, good for them. Nothing changes.
  • Amy: I'm getting married. Funny how things slip your mind...
    Mandy: Married?
    Amy: Yeah, shut up! Married. Really, actually married. Almost definitely.
    Mandy: When?
    Amy: Well, it's kind of weird. A long time ago tomorrow morning. I wonder what I did.
  • The Doctor: Who are you? How do I find you again?
    Liz Ten: I am Lis Ten. And I will find you.
  • Amy: But why would I choose to forget?
    Mandy: Because everyone does. Everyone chooses the "forget" button.
    The Doctor: Did you?
    Mandy: I'm not eligable to vote yet, I'm 12. Anytime after you're 16, you're allowed to see the film and make your choice. And then once every five years.
    The Doctor: And once every five years, everyone chooses to forget what they've learnt. Democracy in action.
  • The Doctor: The computer doesn't accept me as human.
    Amy: Why not? You look human...
    The Doctor: No. You look Time Lord. We came first.
    Amy: So there are other Time Lords, yeah?
    The Doctor: No. There were. But there aren't... Just me now. Long story. There was a bad day. Bad stuff happened. And you know what? I'd love to forget it all, every last bit of it. But I don't. Not ever.
  • The Doctor: High-speed air canon. Lousy way to travel!
  • The Doctor: It's not a floor, it's a... So...
    Amy: It's a what?
    The Doctor: The next word is kind of the scary word. You probably want to take a moment. Get yourself in a calm place. Go "omm".
    Amy: Omm?
    The Doctor: It's a... tongue.
    Amy: A tongue?
    The Doctor: A tongue! A great big tongue!
    Amy: This is a mouth? This whole place is a mouth? We're in a mouth!?
    The Doctor: Yes, yes, yes. But on the plus side, roomy.
  • Liz Ten: I'm the bloody Queen, mate. Basically... I rule.
  • The Doctor: Oh, Amy. We should never have come here.
  • Amy: I voted for this? Why would I do that?
    The Doctor: Because you knew if we stayed here I'd be faced with an impossible choice. Humanity or the alien. You took it upon yourself to save me from that. And that was wrong. You don't ever decide what I need to know.
    Amy: I don't even remember doing it!
    The Doctor: You did it. That's what counts.
    Amy: I'm... sorry.
    The Doctor: Oh, I don't care. When I'm done here you're going home.
    Amy: Why!? Because I made a mistake?! One mistake! I don't even remember doing it! Doctor!
    The Doctor: Yes, I know. You're only human.
  • Liz Ten: There must be something we can do. Some other way?
    The Doctor: Nobody talk to me. Nobody human has anything to say to me today!
  • Amy: Amazing though, don't you think? The Star Whale. All that pain and misery. And loneliness. And it just made it kind.
    The Doctor: But you couldn't have known how it would react.
    Amy: You couldn't. But I've seen it before. Very old and very kind. And the very, very last. Sound a bit familiar?
  • Amy: Hey...
    The Doctor: What?
    Amy: Gotcha!
    The Doctor: Gotcha.
  • Amy: Have you ever run away from something because you were scared, or not ready, or just... just because you could?
    The Doctor: Once. A long time ago.
    Amy: What happened?
    The Doctor: Hello!
  • Amy: First the Queen, now the Prime Minister. Get about, don't you?
    The Doctor: Which Prime Minister?
    Amy: (Into the phone) Which Prime Minister? ... (To the Doctor) The British one?
    The Doctor: Which British one?
    Amy: (Into the phone) Which British one? ... (To the Doctor) Winston Churchill for you...
  • Amy: In bed above, we're deep asleep, while greater love lies further deep. This dream must end, this world must know. We all depend on the Beast Below.
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