The Vampires of Venice
Series 5 Episode 6
Dessicated corpses, terror in the canal and a visit to the sinister House of Calvierri - the Doctor takes Amy and Rory for a romantic mini-break, as the TARDIS touches down once again. But Venice is not as it should be. The city has been sealed to protect it from the Plague, although Rosanna Calvierri may have other plans...
  • This episode reintroduces Rory Williams, Amy's fiancé, who we first met in The Eleventh Hour.
Memorable Quotes
  • The Doctor: Rory! That's a relief. I thought I'd burst out of the wrong cake. Again. That reminds me, there's a girl outside in a bikini. Could someone let her in and give her a jumper? Lucy. Lovely girl. Diabetic.
  • The Doctor: We need to talk about your fiancee. She tried to kiss me. Tell you what, though. You're a lucky man. She's a great kisser.
  • The Doctor: Oh, the life out there. It dazzles. I mean, it blinds you to the things that are important.
  • The Doctor: I'm sending you somewhere. Together.
    Amy: Whoa, what? Like... a date?
    The Doctor: Anywhere you want, any time you want. One condition, it has to be amazing. The Moulin Rouge in 1890! The first Olympic Games! Think of it as a wedding present, because, frankly, it's either this or tokens...
  • The Doctor: Venice! Venezia! La Serenissima! Impossible city! Preposterous city! Founded by refugees running from Attila the Hun. It was just a collection of little wooden huts in the middle of a marsh, but became one of the most powerful cities in the world. Constantly being invaded, constantly flooding... constantly... just... beautiful! Oh, you gotta love Venice.
  • Amy: Oh, that's nice! See where you bring me!? The Plague!
  • Rory: What have you been doing?
    Amy: Well... running. And fighting. I've been scared. More scared than I thought was-
    Rory: Did you miss me?
    Amy: I... I knew I'd be coming back.
  • The Doctor: How are you doing that? I am... loving it! You're like... Houdini, only five slightly scary girls. Only he was shorter. Will be shorter. I'm rambling.
  • The Doctor: Am I thinking what I think I'm thinking?
  • Vampire Girls: Leave now, signor. Or we shall call for the steward. If you are lucky.
    The Doctor: Ooh!
  • Amy: You need someone on the inside.
    The Doctor: No.
    Amy: You don't even know what I was gonna say!
    The Doctor: We pretend you're an applicant for the school to get you inside, and tonight you come down and open the trapdoor to let us in.
    Amy: Oh. So you do know what I was gonna say.
  • The Doctor: I have to know. We go together. Say you're my daughter.
    Rory: What!? Don't listen to him!
    Amy: You're daughter? You look about nine!
  • Rory: I have a right to know. I'm getting married in 430 years!
  • Rosanna: What are you doing in my school?
    Amy: Ok, I'll tell you. I'm from Ofsted.
  • Rory: You know what's dangerous about you? It's not that you make people take risks. It's that you make them want to impress you. You make it so they don't want to let you down. You have no idea how dangerous you make people to themselves when you're around!
  • Rosanna: I need an answer, Doctor. A partnership. Any which way you choose.
    The Doctor: I don't think that's such a good idea, do you? I'm a Time Lord. You're a big fish. Think of the children.
  • The Doctor: Only the male offspring survived the journey here. She's got 10,000 children, swimming around the canals, waiting for Mum to make them some compatible girlfriends! (Pause) Ew. I mean, I've been around a bit but, really, that's... that's... ew!
  • The Doctor: The people upstairs are very noisy.
    There aren't any people upstairs.
    The Doctor: See, I knew you were going to say that. Did anyone else know he was going to say that?
  • Rory: You big, stupid, great... SpongeBob! The only thing I've seen uglier than you is... your Mum!
    Francesco: Huh?
    Rory: No...
    Francesco: Did you just say something about Mummy?
  • Amy: Hey, look at this. Got my spaceship, got my boys. My work here is done.
    Rory: Ha! We are not her boys...
    The Doctor: Yeah, we are.
    Rory: Yeah. We are.
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